Photo Blogging Challenge – One

Top-banner.jpgMarch 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – One

It was a lovely, sunny day, so we went out for a long walk. Of course I took my camera, to see if I could get some shots for this challenge. I managed to get a few.  There were lots of ducks on the reservoir, but I noticed this one duck, all on it’s own and snapped it quickly, before the rest came swimming by.

One duck

Further along, we saw this. I have no idea why someone carried this all the way from the road and stuck it on a pole, but maybe it was just so I could get a shot of one bollard.

One bollardOn the way home I saw one plastic bag caught up in a tree. As the weather had been so windy, leading up to this day, I’m surprised there was only one.

one plastic bag

And here we have what I was looking for. A house number. It was a real struggle trying to find one, with my bad eyesight, I can tell you.

No 1

Jenny loved the little tunnel we bought her, so Mo bought another……and another…….and another, until we had five of them. A Double and four singles. She then tied them all together to make one long tunnel. Yes, Jenny loved it, but we had to take a couple off in the end. It was just too long.

One tunnel

That’s my five for this month and if you want to see more of this photo challenge, just click the graphic below.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Red

Top-banner.jpg February 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – Red

I had a new iPad Mini for Christmas. I’ve always gone for black, whenever I have bought an iPhone or iPad, along with black covers. This time I thought it was time for a change and I got myself a bright red cover. I rather like it.

iPadOur new kitten loves to play unusual games and in the next photo you will see her asleep in her bed. In front, is her red fleece blanket. She loves to play bull fighting with it. Her favourite toys at the moment are this blanket and a stick that we have to throw for her and drag it round and round for her to chase, until she falls down.

blanketWe decided to go out for some lunch and as I was waiting for Mo to get the car up, I realised that our car is red, so quickly took this next photo. Our red car.

carIt wouldn’t be right to not include one of our red post boxes, or a red phone box, so here you have an English phone box. Our red phone boxes are gradually disappearing, as the need for public telephones diminish.

phone boxFinally, we stopped for a cup of tea. Here is Mo and my sister having a giggle with some red carnations on the table.

chattingTo check out more photos from this challenge, click the banner below, or at the top of this post.



WWFC writing challenge and a Sofa Conversation

To all of the people taking part in the WWFC writing challenge – and any other readers I have.

I have recently started the mammoth task, of scanning a whole life’s worth of photographs on to my computer. I have been doing it for the last few weeks and I have just as many weeks left, probably more, before I finish. I keep finding more, long forgotten albums, tucked away, with yet more memories. of holidays, days out, parties and lots of family fun. Not to forget photos of Mo and I when we were young. Once I’ve finished, I will be making movies for the family’s viewing pleasure.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you, because I feel bad that I can’t spend the time taken to comment on all of your posts. I am enjoying reading them as and when I take a break from scanning, but I just don’t have the time to comment on them, so forgive me.

The following is a conversation we had while watching the X Factor, a while back. It seems I forgot to post it.  What’s new?

sofa backIt was disco week on X Factor. We remember disco fondly. We used to go out dancing regularly, so some of the music holds fond memories for us.

“Here we are folks….. Live, on stage….. performing a medley of their hits is….. CHIC….. along with …….”

Mo and me, in unison: “Who?”

They start singing and he starts playing guitar and mumbling words into the microphone.

Me: “Oh I remember all of these”

Mo: “Yes, but I never knew his name”

Me: “No, me neither……. I still don’t”

Performance ends and he is interviewed, as all the star turns are, every week. Interview over. “OK guys, give it up for …….” (crowd applause) he leaves the stage.

Me: “I still don’t know his name”

Mo: “Me neither”

We look at each other and burst out laughing.


Why is the X Factor audience so loud?

Or is it that we are both going deaf?


Photo Blogging Challenge – New

Top-banner.jpgJanuary 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – New

I dislike a lot of modern day comedy, for two main reasons. I don’t find humour that relies on smutty talk, funny or clever. It’s looking for easy laughs and shock from the audience. I also don’t like a lot of swearing, which they seem to do. Add to that, the fact that I have never found slapstick funny. Not since I was a child, in the days of Norman Wisdom, so I can’t, for the life of me, understand why I find Mrs Brown’s Boys so hilarious.


Mo’s f****** mug

Mo and I love it and we’re not alone. His live shows are fully booked out, the moment tickets go on sale. The show encompasses all three of my dislikes in comedy, but he carries it all off so well, that we can’t stop laughing. He writes and directs it all himself and the cast are all his family members.  My first photo is a new mug I bought for Mo, with his ‘made famous’ words on it. She loves it and uses it constantly.

This next photo was a complete surprise to me.  I was waiting for Mo to bring the car up and I noticed these new shoots popping up through the shingle. This is a very strange sight in January.

New leaf

New shoots

A few days later I saw this. A rose bud. Unfortunately, it was windy and I couldn’t get the silly thing to stay still long enough for a clear shot. I can’t believe that we are getting flowers popping up in January.

New rose bud

New rose bud

I feel the cold – I feel the cold a lot!  Mo, on the other hand, will have a cool air fan on all year round. I sit shivering, while Mo sits sweating. I suddenly found the answer to all of our misery. I bought myself a onesie and it works a treat. I no longer pester Mo to have the heating on. It keeps me just warm enough. Of course, being so short meant that I couldn’t get just any onesie. I found the site that makes them to measurements you give them. I was so pleased with it that I decided to get a second one, so I could have a change and it arrived last week. This is my new onesie.


My onesie

Why do I have to be so small?  I have to have a made to measure onesie and I have had problems buying shoes, for years now. I am only a size 4 (UK) and shoe makers assume that a size 4 means you have little children’s feet. I don’t have. In fact they are broader than most. I can’t buy shoes from a shoe shop. They won’t fit my feet and getting fed up with wearing the same old sloppy shoes for years, I searched online and found a site that specialise in broader fit shoes. In fact they start at size 3 (UK). Of course, you have to pay for that and my shoes are usually about £80. I can’t afford to buy shoes, just because I want to any more, but was getting really bored wearing the same shoes all the time. Even though they look as good as new. I know I have had them for years.

My birthday meant I had some cash to spend and would you believe they had a huge sale on. I got a pair of £82 shoes for £50. They arrived today and I am well pleased.  I’m afraid the kitten had to get her nose in the photo.


My new shoes

That’s my five for this month.



An unapologetic cat post

This cat post is especially for those of you who have asked me for photos, so there will be a few.  If you don’t like cats, you may leave now, but please don’t slam the door on your way out.

You may, or may not be aware that we just got an Abysinnian kitten. We named her Jeanette, but call her Jenny.  You have to call them by a name that can be called (preferably with a silly high pitched voice) easily when you want them to come.  Jennnnnyyyyyyyyyy sounds better than, Jeaneeeeettttte, so Jenny is her name.

Here she is, minutes after her arrival and probably wondering where her mum and sisters were.

Jenny arrives

Just arrived and having a good look around

I think she is the oldest we’ve ever got a new kitten. We have rescued a few, so they were only a few weeks old when we got them. I’m sure our Livvie wasn’t as old as Jenny, when we brought her home, but this breeder certainly knows her stuff and all her kittens are 3 months old before she lets them go. Not a bad thing as she was fully house trained when she arrived and better yet, she knew exactly where to sharpen her claws. She had been fed a whole variety of foods, so she wouldn’t be a faddy eater and so far she has eaten everything we’ve given her, with gusto. We were even told to give her raw chicken wings, cut into pieces, for her teeth.

Here she is, a few days later, relaxing on her high spot. She loves it there, when she isn’t suckling Mo’s arm.

feeling safe

Relaxing on her tree and feeling safe

Because Jenny was used to spending most of her time in the cat pen, she is an absolute blessing at bed time. From day one, we put her in the kitchen with her bed, litter tray and night time meal and she settles down without a peep.


About one week later

Obviously, she found the Christmas tree. I have to say that she was very gentle while she was inside it and made us laugh every time she popped her head out. This next shot is after Mo removed all the tree ornaments, just before we took the tree down. Jenny had a lot more freedom to lay out on the branches.

in the tree

Jenny in the Christmas tree

She also loves balloons and had great fun chasing them around and pouncing on them. She popped a few, but didn’t seem to mind the loud bang.

Loving all the balloons

Loving all the balloons

She's not a bit afraid of them

She’s not a bit afraid of them

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I may post the odd one in the future, but for now, here is a short video clip for you.

YouTube Preview Image

Photo blogging challenge – Festive

Top banner

December 2013 – Festive

I was going to enjoy taking these photos. It was an excuse to get out and about with my camera. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out that way. Firstly, we got our new kitten, that couldn’t be left alone for the first week. Then life events took over and when I did manage to get out I couldn’t find anything that took my fancy, or would make a good photo. We didn’t get to any carol services or Christmas events this year. Mo was poorly with a bad cold, which kept us in all over Christmas and now I have it. Because of this, my photos are all taken in our home, I’m afraid, but they are festive.

One of our Christmas tree ornaments. We bought a lot of tree ornaments especially styled after very old fashioned decorations. We loved the traditional look of them.

tree ornament

This next photo is one of our Christmas Fairies. I have no idea of where or why we bought this, as it’s too large for the top of any tree we would have. We use it as a Christmas ornament.

Christmas Fairy

Running out of ideas, I decided to try and get some fairy lights in. This is the garland on our fire surround. I deliberately blurred the lights, to make it a little more interesting. I like the way they are shining on the wall.

Christmas lights

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the turkey, so here is a shot of ours. It’s a lot smaller than usual, as we always have so much left over and there is only so many ways of eating left over turkey.


Lastly, here is a shot of one of the bunches of balloons we have, hanging from the ceiling.

I really hope I can get out with my camera soon. I miss it!
Bottom Banner

Ho, ho, ho!

This is a Christmas post from 2010. I’m reposting it because I haven’t had time to write a new post up and my attempts at capturing our little Jenny in a Christmas ribbon failed miserably.

Have you been good?

I wonder why it was always Mo that was asked to be Santa for the children. Was it because she was more cuddly than the average male? I think so. Fortunately she could drop her voice down and sound like a man too.

There was a well known road, where we used to live, that was highly decorated at Christmas time. They had hundreds of visitors Christmas week, but on Christmas Eve the road was absolutely packed with families who brought their children to see the lights and electronically moving Christmas characters on the rooftops and in the front gardens.  You could see the glow of lights from a distance, so it wasn’t hard to find the road.  They would park their cars and walk the length of the road, and back again.  It was a really magical time.


We hit on the bright idea, that Mo should dress up as Father Christmas (Santa) and walk up and down the road, handing out little gifts.  We had noted that Santa was the only missing element, and would create the finishing touch.  We went shopping and filled a sack with presents.  We had no idea how this would go down with the residents, who worked so hard every year to put this wonderful show on, but we took the risk.

I made Mo’s face up and we set off.  As we parked the car some people spotted Mo and made tracks over, even before Mo was out of the car.  It was unbelievable!  The children’s faces were a sight to see. We slowly made our way up the road, as families brought their children over to Mo.  As she gave out the presents, the parents would ask where the collection box was.   “It’s free” Mo would say, and then the parents faces would light up just like the children. Not because they were saving money, but because of the ‘spirit of Christmas’ they felt.

Several women made suggestive remarks to Mo, because they thought she was a man.  That made us laugh, though we didn’t let on.

The following year we did it in even more style. My sister also dressed as Mother Christmas.  That was another experience. Mother and Father Christmas, together!  The children were so excited.  Nobody ever asked who we were.

I hope somebody else continued what we started after we moved away.

A Ho, ho, ho! From Mo, Mo, Mo……………..and me


A biscuit surprise. Or are they cookies?

We stocked up on coffee pods, for Christmas and Mo wanted to use an airtight container, so she swapped with the biscuit container.  She didn’t stop to think that she would make the biscuits smell and taste like stale coffee pods!

“I’ll get a new container and some fresh biscuits tomorrow” she said, as I dumped the lot in the trash. As good as her word, she dutifully came home with a new container and a large packet of biscuits.

“I don’t believe it! I was especially careful to choose a pack that wasn’t broken! Look what that cashier has done”, Mo said, showing me the top few biscuits were broken. She shook the broken pieces out so the crumbs wouldn’t go into the jar.


She gently tipped the rest into the new container.  Just look at this! Every single one was smashed into little pieces. Have you ever seen such a mess?  What do they do in the store rooms of these supermarkets? Play football with the stock?

Back in the fifties and before the packaging of foods, they used to sell broken biscuits by the pound. Even those biscuits were not like this.

I suggested we make a cheesecake with them, but Mo was not impressed with that idea. The ducks will get a biscuit surprise this Christmas.

Broken biscuits

This isn’t the first disaster we’ve had from that supermarket. We bought a container of cat food pouches that were rancid. We bought a fresh crab, that was far from fresh and would have probably killed us if we’d eaten it and we’ve found many an item past it’s ‘sell by’ date in our fridge, before we had time to eat it. I doubt we’ll be shopping there any more, without double checking everything before we buy it.

We still have no edible biscuits!

Photo blogging challenge – People


November 2013 – People

When this is posted, I will be away, so can’t view or comment on any of your posts, unfortunately. I hope to get to it on Monday. I am sorry about that.

This month has been a very stressful month for us and I haven’t been able to get out and take photographs for this months photo blogging challenge. I had to grab an opportunity and use my mobile, as and when I could, so unfortunately they are not good quality.

This first photo was taken at the beginning of the month, when we went out for a brisk walk. Lots of people walk here with, or without, their dogs. It’s a lovely long stretch, with beautiful surroundings, so a good walking spot.

walking the dog

Mo spotted this chap, sitting waiting for his wife, while she did the shop, I expect.  He looked like a bit of a character, with his trousers tucked into his socks. I doubt he came on a bike, as he has a walking stick with him and beside, his wife would have to ride cross bar!


The next photo was taken with my Canon. I noticed these chaps, working on the roof across from our house and quickly grabbed my camera, but taking a photo between the gaps in the vertical blind wasn’t easy. I’m sure one of them spotted me, so I had to stop at one photo and make the most of it. I didn’t want a knock on the door, by angry workmen.


I had an appointment at the eye hospital. The only other chance I had to get a couple of photos in before I go away, so again, they are secret shots on my mobile.

Sitting outside the hospital, maybe waiting for her lift home?


A couple of nurses having a break and a chat.


I’m sorry this month the photos are all a bit rushed and not good quality, but I promise to do better next month.


I didn’t get away for the weekend, after all. My back has given out on me and I couldn’t do the journey. So disappointed.



A five minute DIY job?

Last week, while browsing a mail shot, I saw something that I thought we ought to try out.  An automatic radiator bleeder, for your central heating system. It’s a valve that goes on your radiator to automatically remove any air trapped inside. It only seems to effect one of our radiators, but it’s the bathroom radiator and there’s nothing worse than going up for a shower and finding the bathroom is freezing cold because of air in the radiator.  Then you have to try to remember where you left the little ‘key’, which usually means only Mo knows where it is and she’s out, so you have to suffer the freezing cold bathroom, or wait until she gets home.  It’s a real pain in the winter.



They suggest you have two valves. One in a radiator nearest the boiler and one upstairs. We ordered them and they arrived yesterday. They sent us full instructions for installing them ourselves.

All you need is an adjustable wrench and an old towel to mop up any water leakage. A five minute DIY job, it said.

DIY Mo style.

The first valve is going on the radiator in the kitchen. I’m in the kitchen, making a sandwich when Mo decides to do it. She always picks a weird time to do things.

“Make sure you do it right” I say.

“I know what I’m doing. I’ve already isolated the radiator…….. Quick! Get me an old towel I rush across the room, sandwich half made and grab an old towel out of the cupboard, which Mo throws on the floor to soak up the pool of water. I continue making my sandwich. “I can’t get it in!” Mo says. “It won’t fit!”  I go over to see what’s wrong, still not having made my sandwich.  “See if you can do it!” Mo says, angrily, thrusting the valve into my hand.


“It should fit, I bought the correct one for new radiators and they’re standard”, I say, trying to push this thing home. It was not going to fit. Mo goes out to get the dreaded hammer. This is where Mo usually loses her temper and ends up damaging the thing she is trying to improve. “Be careful! Don’t damage it”.

“Where’s my big hammer?” Mo calls from the garage. I panic.

“Don’t use the big hammer! You’ll damage the radiator”. Mo gets the small one, much to my relief.  “This black rubbery bit is loose and if you press it, you can feel the thread underneath it”, I say. “Maybe it’s some fancy type of washer”.  Mo takes it and starts to hammer it in, while I sweat at the prospects of having to replace the complete radiator if Mo damages it.  I attempt to finish my sandwich, before the bread gets stale.

Whack…whack…whack… “That’s it! I’ve split it now!”

I drop the knife and go over to see what damage has been done. Mo thrusts it in my hands in disgust. “Look!” I take it and, sure enough, the black rubber part is split. On closer inspection, I see something inside the rubber, so I pull on the split, to discover a little tool inside, for tightening the washer once it’s installed. Realisation hits me and I pull off the protective rubber casing to expose the actual valve.

I finish making my sandwich and Mo screws on the now perfectly fitting valve.

Only in our house.