A little bit of heaven on a spoon


When I was a little girl, not long after WWII (Eeeek!), food was not plentiful.  It was rationed and you had to use coupons to buy it.  Once the coupons for a particular food were used up, you could buy no more of that food until the next book was issued.  There was a ‘Black Market’ and some people would get hold of food without coupons – for a price.

A vivid memory for me was going round to a friends house with one of my sisters.  Her mother was never in and unlike us, who always had our mum home, the kids did their own thing all day, and possibly into the night.  The first thing she would do was raid the food cupboard.  I have no way of knowing if it was black market food or gifts from American GI’s but she always had food in her cupboards.  On this particular day she lifted out a large jar.  She unscrewed the lid, and we watched in amazement as she scooped out the contents with large tablespoons.  She handed each of us a heaped spoon of this orangy brown delight.  We had never tasted anything like it before.  It was like a spoonful of heaven to us.

As there were seven of us kids we never had any luxury items.  Mum would have to swap those coupons with people who didn’t need so many basic foods.  The swapping of ration coupons went on a lot.  Because of this, us younger kids had never tasted foods that were not deemed to be essential.  They were tough times but what we had never had we didn’t miss.

It’s nearly sixty years since I first tasted that little bit of heaven, known as Peanut Butter, but you will always find a jar of it in our cupboard.

How do I eat it?  On a spoon of course!


  • Peanut butter… I remember we had the kind with oil on the top. You had to stir it to mix it all together. Delicious!

    • Isn’t all peanut butter like that? Ours still is.

      • Most of the standard stuff now is much thicker and heavier. I can still find “old fashioned” peanut butter sometimes. I like it because you can spread a thinner layer on a piece of bread without tearing up the bread.