I remember when…..

This post was inspired by this post by Jeff at View From the Clouds.  It got me thinking about the intolerance I have to so many foods in recent years.  I am going to take a trip down memory lane again.

I remember when

  1. I remember when Fruit and vegetables were not all perfect in shape.  Some even had flaws in the skin.  Apples were not all round, carrots came in all shapes and sizes.  While they were not perfect looking, they were as nature intended and FULL of flavour.
  2. I remember when biscuits (cookies) were not packaged.  You bought them loose, by the pound.  Shops had large wooden barrels, filled with biscuits that had broken and you could buy those at a give-away price.
  3. I remember when milk was delivered to your house in glass bottles with silver foil lids.  Sometimes birds would pierce a hole in the top to get at the cream of the milk.  You could clearly see the section of cream at the top and could skim it off yourself – usually to have on cereal
  4. I remember when cheese came in massive blocks straight from the farms and would be cut with a cheese wire. A slice would be cut off, placed on greaseproof paper and weighed.  If it was too much they would trim a piece off and weigh it again, until you were happy.  Then it was wrapped for you.
  5. I remember when ham was sliced for you, straight from the bone. In fact all cold meats were sliced freshly in the shops – and not from processed chunks of meat, but from real joints of meat.  They would even give you any bones that were left over, for your dog!  Even bacon was freshly sliced for you.
  6. I remember when butter came in large blocks and a piece was cut off and patted into shape using ‘Butter Pats’ (what else?).  It was then weighed and wrapped in greaseproof paper for you.
  7. I remember when ‘Wagon Wheels’ were huge! You’d be hard pushed to eat it in one go.  In fact I remember when all sweet (candy) bars were huge and a fraction of the price
  8. I remember when they used real cochineal to colour food and not a cheaper, chemical replacement that, I might add, I am allergic to!
  9. I remember when the only ‘Fast Food’ we had was Fish & Chips.  The only bad thing about that was that it was fried and came wrapped in newspaper!  It didn’t harm us because we didn’t eat them often.  In fact I don’t remember ever replacing a home cooked meal with fish & chips – until fairly recent years. I don’t enjoy them much.
  10. I remember when foods were all as nature intended them to be.  No additives, no artificial colouring and full of flavour.   All meat was safe to eat because all animals ate naturally.  You made your own minced meat so you knew what was in it.  There was no plastic packaging, and everything you bought came in a brown paper bag.  Not a promotional carrier bag to be seen.

We didn’t have the food selection we have today.  Fresh foods (and I use that term loosely) from far off countries was unheard of, and obviously not possible.  Given the choice of less to choose from, but foods that are not tampered with by all kinds of processes, or the selection we have today with all the additives and irradiation I would, without a doubt, go with the the foods that are as nature intended.

I know that we are now programmed to go by ‘looks’ more than actual content, and the faster pace we live means that some look for quick meals but I’m interested to know what younger people would choose, given the choice.

Would you prefer foods with additives or with no additives?