Resting on the landing?

I promised you I’d get the camera next time there was an accident in our house didn’t I?  Well I am true to my word – this time.

I was sitting at my computer the other evening, and I heard a strange noise.  I didn’t take much notice as there are always strange noises coming from the TV.  I carried on with what I was doing, until I heard the noise again.  It was louder this time. A kind of baaaaeeeaaaaeeeeaaaaaabbsssssss noise.  A pitiful whining noise.  A bit like the noise our cat Livvie makes when she demands something but doesn’t know what she wants.  You can go through every ritual – food? garden? drink? cuddle? upstairs on the bed?  She doesn’t want any of these things.  She just sits there, looking at you and demanding anyway.

I decided I’d better find out what this whining was, so I followed the sound.  It wasn’t coming from the TV.  I went to the foot of the stairs and looked up to see Mo resting on the landing.  Funny place to take a rest, I thought. “What are you doing there?” I asked.  “I fell down the stairs” Mo said.  I could see she was looking for sympathy so I said “Hold on! I’ll just get my camera.”

Mo 1

What I thought weird was that she was laying, or should I say sitting, facing the stairs she had fallen down.  “How did you do that?” I asked.  “I don’t knoooowwww”  came the pitiful reply.  ‘Click’ ‘click’  “Hold on, let me go up the top and get one looking down”  ‘Click’ ‘click’.

Mo 2

Now just look at the colour of that face.  Should I feel sorry for someone who had just spent a week sunning herself on a beach in Devon while I looked after the cats?  Should I?

No humans were hurt in the incident that led to the photographic shoot 🙂