Who invented the conveyor belt?

Some of you smart people may well know who invented the conveyor belt, but I think I know who it was.

We had a very large, wooden table in our kitchen. It had to be large to seat all of us kids for meals.  It wasn’t only used to eat our meals, but mum used it for preparing food, sewing, washing, ironing and many other jobs. We had no kitchen worktops in those days, so the kitchen table was a multifunctional piece of furniture.

One of these functions I remember fondly.

Cocker Spaniel“Up you go” mum would say, as she lifted us up one at a time and placed us on the table.  There we sat, going down the line by age, us four youngest kids. Just to bring fun into the occasion, sometimes our dog would be lifted up and placed at the end of the line to make us giggle. Our beautiful little black Cocker Spaniel, who thought she was human anyway.

Mum would bring the large bowl of warm water and place it close by, then she would rub soap on a face cloth while we all watched and waited.

“Faces first”

We would all jut our chins out in readiness. Mum would wash our faces one at a time, and when she got to the end, she’d pretend to wash the dogs face too.  She would then rinse the face cloth and go down the line rinsing us all one by one. Then down the line drying us on the towel.

“Arms out”

Our arms would shoot out in a line. Eight little arms, and the dog. One at a time they would be soaped up, one at a time they would be rinsed off and one at a time they would be towel dried.

This procedure continued until we had all been washed all over, in not a lot more time than it would take to wash one child.

So you see, I think mum invented the conveyor belt