A nice bowl of pea soup anybody?


I am under a lot of pressure to get my blog, at least somewhere close to, how it was before I lost everything.  It’s a lot of work.

Any chance of reformatting an old post I get, I will take it.  If that means I have to suffer the laughter of Nicky, then laugh away sweet pea. I’ll laugh with you!

So, anyway, here is my entry for ‘Pressure’.  It’s another story from my childhood.

“Tea’s ready!”

There was the usual rush to the table.  These were the days when the whole family sat around a table to eat every meal.  It was unheard of to eat a meal while sitting on a sofa.  Not even a tea time sandwich. It just wasn’t done.

We had a large wooden table. Large enough to seat all of us kids.  Mum, dad and the oldest siblings ate their meal after we had finished.

It was winter time and we needed something warm in our tummies.  A nice hot soup was in order, and the hissing sound told us that it was almost ready. Mum had cooked the soup in her pressure cooker, probably because she had used dried peas that needed more cooking time to soften.

We all took our seats, mine was behind the table with my back to the wall, and sat waiting for the hissing to stop and the soup to be ladled out into our bowls.  Lovely hot soup with chunks of bread for dipping.


Mum removed the little weight from the top…………..


The clatter of chairs and squeals of kids rushing out of the kitchen didn’t drown out the noise of the fountain of hot soup gushing out of the small opening like a geyser.  It hit the ceiling, spread out and came down like hot rain all over the kitchen.

When the rain finally stopped, mum and the kids all crept back into the kitchen and started laughing uncontrollably.

Was I laughing?

No I was NOT!

Was I was covered all over with pea soup?

You bet I was.

I was trapped behind the table and had to await my fate.

I’m taking part in 30 Days of Writing, started by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese. For a list of who’s taking part just visit their blog and check the list of links at the bottom.

  • Hilarious. You know I hate peas but strangely enough love pea soup. Never experienced the problem you did, though. And you’re right about eating at the table. I don’t even know why we have one anymore.

    • I have to say that I have NEVER owned a pressure cooker. I wonder why 😉 Mo and I always try to eat our dinner at the table now, though we didn’t for many years.

  • Do you still eat pea soup?

    • I can’t say I’ve ever eaten it since. I definitely have never owned a pressure cooker 🙂

  • Ron

    Babs, EXCELLENTLY told story!

    What a brilliant ending! And that graphic is PRICELESS!!!

    I adore pea soup, but I don’t ever want to wear it – HA!

    Hope all is going well with recovering your blog. I know it’s been a tremendous amount of work for you, but I’m glad you decided to do it because I so enjoy reading it!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend!


    • So glad you enjoyed it Ron. I didn’t want to wear it either!

      I may well be posting another serialised post after this 30 day challenge 🙂

  • I don’t care for pea soup either internally or externally.  I understand why you weren’t laughing – scalding hot pea soup is no laughing matter.  My mom always used a pressure cooker when cooking dried beans or peas.  They just cook faster.  I don’t recall any spewing incidents, though.  She would hold it under cold running water until the pressure subsided. 

    This was a great fit with today’s prompt.  Oh, and I love the pea soup doodle. 🙂

    • Mum used to have to loosen the top nozzle first, then take it and run it under the cold water. I don’t know what happened this time though 🙂

  • Pressure cookers have always scared the hell out of me for just this reason.  I’m sure it was funny,but you poor thing!  Did you get burned from the soup?  Damn!  That sounds dreadful!

    • By the time it rained down on me it was fairly cool – Thank goodness 🙂

  • You reminded me of The Exorcist with the pea soup. Love your illustrations.

    • Oh my! My head didn’t spin. At least I don’t think it did. Lol

  • The way this would be better would be a photo of you covered with pea soup. Splatter! Funny story!

    • Unfortunately (or fortunately) there were no cell phones or instant cameras in those days 🙂

  • Ouch!   Hot pea soup raining down on you!  That must have hurt.  Wouldn’t be surprised if you even hated the color green after that one.  I love the drawing.  So cute.   Good tale!

    • It was surprisingly cool by the time it reached me – thankfully. Believe it or not, green was my favourite colour for many years. I’m weird 🙂

  • MalisaHargrove

    I have always been scared of pressure cookers. My mom never used one and always told me how dangerous they were. She also told me men were dangerous. Silly woman!

  • I will not make fun of you for reposting, I think the story shows you have already been laughed at enough! Poor you! And I’m sorry, but I love that picture of you with pea soup all over you… it made me laugh out loud for real. 500 points for you today, Babs. It’s the least I can do after laughing at your misery. 🙂

    • Ha ha! You’re not alone. I laugh at my misery too, though I doubt I did at the time. I bet it looked hilarious to the others :))
      I must be soaring up the points ladder now 😉

  • Your mother … a VERY brave soul!!!!  I got a pressure cooker at a thrift store and never used it – I was too scared!

    • I remember her using it almost daily! I’ve no idea what happened that day though. You’re braver than me. I have never owned one and wouldn’t stay in the same room if one was being used!

  • Oh Babs! I am cracking up. I can totally picture the soup spraying like a geyser and landing all over you!

  • Ha! My mom used to use a pressure cooker too. Me, I’m afraid of them because I’m always sure they’re going to explode!

    • Ha ha! Needless to say, I’ve never used one 🙂

      • I just found this 50’s section of your blog and I’m enjoying the trip down memory lane!

        • Ha ha! I did notice 🙂 I had a lot more, but lost all of my blog content a year or two back. I’ve been slowly uploading the posts I still have.