Cataracts and rain in Yorkshire.

“It’s your age…..”

Here we go again. I know I’m getting older, but I don’t need to keep hearing it.

…… “You’re young, so you won’t get away with it.”

Young? I perked up a bit. It makes a change to be told that.

“You will have to have your cataracts removed at some point, so you might as well have it done early. Then we can correct your vision. You won’t need to wear glasses any more, except for close up work.”

That sounded good. I had to go to the eye hospital, to check why my vision keeps changing.  It appears that my glaucoma has caused my cataract to misbehave, causing my vision to fluctuate. It costs me a fortune in glasses.

However. This isn’t the purpose of the post.

On the way home it started to rain again, so I grabbed my iPhone and took this short video.  Just in case you think I have been exaggerating about our Yorkshire weather, though it isn’t only Yorkshire. It’s pretty much all of the UK that’s had bad weather this year.

[youtube width=”480″ height=”326″][/youtube]


  • Comedy Plus

    Wow, that’s a lot of rain indeed. I like the rain, but not all the time. And not when the drains can’t handle the excessive water. Yikes.

    I’ve had one eye done for and waiting for the other one to ripen before it’s done. We are both young. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

    • It is a lot of rain!

      I think he was implying that he’d do both eyes for me, although it is very slight in my good eye. I’d prefer to get it over with in one go, I think 😉

  • Rebecca @

    Lots of rain, yuk! Here in Upstate New York, we’ve suffered catastrophic rains for the past 10 years, up until this summer. So I sympathize.

    Oh, to not wear glasses! Sounds wonderful.

    • Something is definitely changing with the weather, that’s for sure.

      No more glasses does sound good and will save a lot of expense!

  • I hate driving in the rain but as we are still in an extreme drought, it rarely happens that I have to. For us that are here in the US, it is nerve wracking to see cars coming toward you on the “other” side of the road. I would be dangerous over there, at least until I got the hang of staying on the correct side.

    • I remember the first time I (as a passenger) drove through France. The driver was in a panic every now and then, with oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road 🙂

  • Hey, you’re driving on the wrong side of the street. Yorkshire looks a lot like Ridgefield, CT today. That’s where I live and slosh about in the rain. The humidity, the rain, oh, the humanity. I can’t take it anymore. How’s your hair holding up?

    Loved your video, btw.

    • Where is CT? These US places are confusing to me 🙂 My hair is short, so the rain is no problem. Gone are the days of hair do’s that need protecting from the weather 😉

      • Connecticut, Fairfield County, is 50 miles north of New York City.

  • Sorry about yet more rain. Looks like it did when we went to dinner last night. Congratulations on no more glasses. That’s terrific!

    • Well, it wont be happening yet. I get an appointment to see the specialist in 6 months time. I put it off while I saw to other medical bits. I can’t handle too much at once ha ha!

  • Ron

    Great video clip, Babs!

    As I was watching, I couldn’t help but be reminded of what it was like to live in Florida and have to drive in rain very similar to the likes in your video. Florida has such a poor drainage system, that quite often the streets would overflow and get so flooded, you couldn’t even drive your car through the water without it stalling. I also think because Florida is such a FLAT state, that when it rains heavily the water has no where to go.

    Btw, a guy I work with just recent had surgery performed on his cataracts and it went VERY well. They did one eye, and then a few weeks later he went back and had the other eye done. He’s so happy with the results because he can see so much better.

    X to you and Mo!

    • Thankfully, we live up high. It is very hilly here and the low ground areas almost always get flooded. Before we moved here, we checked out all the areas for flood threats. I’m so glad we did because there have been plenty of floods all around since we moved here!
      Yes, I know a few people who have had their cataracts done and they were thrilled with the results 🙂 I go back in 6 months to discuss it with the specialist.

  • I kept freaking out because you were filming and you were obviously sitting in the driver’s seat and OMG that is so dangerous. And then I realized you’re British. You’re sitting in the passenger seat. 🙂

    • Ha ha ha ha! I forgot everybody else drives on the wrong side of the road 😉

  • Barb

    Holy cannolli!! Just be glad it’s not snow! 😉

    • Don’t say that word! We were snowed in last year.

  • i want more I want more I wont more!!!! So COOL seeing you drive on the “other side” of the street, hearing the accent on the radio and hearing (is that you?) someone in the car with a beautiful accent! Loved it!

    • I think that was Mo talking, though we do sound very alike anyway. Maybe it’s time to do another video post 😉

  • Ohmyword, now that’s a lot of rain. I would TOTALLY switch weather with you, though. You can have my blue skies and I will take your downpour!

    Also, I hope the eye surgery corrects your vision issues!

    • A downpour would be fine, but a continuous downpour almost daily, not so good 🙂 We actually have sun today! Did you send it over?

  • That would be brilliant to not need glasses all the time!

    As for the rain, just a few months ago we had a drought! lol

    • No drought here. We had enough water left from last year to pipe it down south, and it looks like we’ll have even more next year lol.

  • Good golly, Miss Molly! That is some stormy weather! I think driving in that would scare me to death! Get those pretty peepers fixed! You are young! And pretty! Just keep dry, Babs! It’s a beginning!

    • That’s just a typical british downpour. I quite like a real downpour of rain at times. It can be invigorating to watch 🙂
      Thank you Linda. You’re very pretty yourself 😉

  • Rain in Great Britain – hmm … but seeing that catch-basin overflow tells me there was indeed a lot of rain and somewhere a river or creek was flooding.

    I hope your water-supply remains consumable and there will be no problems.
    Yes, Babs, you should get them Cataracts removed. My mother-in-law almost lost her eyesight due to neglect – but fortunatley she was saved.She is hardly 50 !

    • Yes Jaffer, we have a good water supply, and then some. Our reservoirs are overflowing, along with many rivers, causing floods all over Yorkshire. Thankfully, all we get is what you saw in the video, as it runs down to lower ground. Our local area has been OK this year. It’s just very water sodden ground everywhere.
      I will get my cataracts done. I aight as well take them up on the offer to save poor vision later 🙂

  • I really hope you’ve had some sunshine since you wrote this post!

    • We’ve had a lot of sunshine since, Meleah. Even though it’s been frosty in the mornings, it’s been lovely to see blue skies and sunshine 🙂

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Oh gosh, I hope you get your eyes sorted out, Babsie! Must be miserable .. well, I know it is, because mine play up something shocking these days, though the cause is not glaucoma or cataracts. Result is similar though, when I’m tired or migrainey, I can’t focus properly on things.

    As to the weather. Yep, I’ve seen it like that, though not so far this year. I hope the sun shines for you soon!

    • I find that I see better without the glasses for most things, except close up. It’s very strange.
      We are getting a lot of sun now, even though it’s really cold in the mornings and night time.