• Nicky

    Babs, that is fantastic! I love it!! But that branch really doesn’t seem high enough – your feet are dangling dangerously close to that creepy hand…

    Excellent job, very creative and I won’t even make fun of you for having no words. That picture speaks volumes!!

    • After I finished, I realized that her legs should have been up, trying to keep away, but it was way past bedtime by then 😉

  • Ivanhoe

    Haha! Very clever!
    Enjoy your weekend, Babs!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  • You actually decided to hang out in the cemetery ? Ha ! Well done !

  • You’re really good. A picture’s worth a thousand words.

    • A cemetery isn’t a place I’d hang out in by choice 😉

  • Great take on the theme – I’m not sure but I think if those zombies getout of the ground, you are in trouble!

  • I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hand coming out of the grave is awesome!

    • It’s all I could think of when I read the prompt 🙂

  • Wendy

    Amazing literal translation of the prompt!
    Can’t wait to see the banana response …

  • Ron

    Babs, you are so incredibly CLEVER!

    Bwhahahahahahahhaha! You CRACK ME UP!!

    This photo doesn’t need any words because it says everything it needs to say!

    Brilliant photo! Brilliant post!

  • That is totally awesome! You are so talented you scare me!

  • If I were God…

    Babette! You’d better quit hanging out there before those zombies make you THEIR feast.

    • Now I want to know how you knew my name 😉

      • If I were God…

        It’s on the bottom right of your drawing.

        • Doh! I need more sleep!

          • If I were God…

            Don’t I get a little credit for my obscure “Babettes Feast” reference?

          • That was very clever. I almost missed that. Well, I did miss it 😉

  • Fantastic! I love that expression. Hope that branch holds.

    • I’m a gonna if it doesn’t 😀

      • If I were God…

        I think you meant ‘goner’ -one who is gone.
        ‘gonna’ is slang for ‘going to’, as in “You’re gonna fall off that branch.”
        (I only put this up to be helpful, I think english is not your native tongue?)

        • Ha ha ha ha ha! Of course you’re right – but I really meant “I’m a gonna die” 😀

  • absolutely BRILLIANT!

  • Haha, a great interpretation!

    • When I’m speechless, it has to be a drawing 😉