Yes, it happened and it was not nice!

I have spent the last 24 hours frantically trying to gain access to my blog to put things right.  I managed to upload (via ftp) a fresh copy of my theme, which is what they hacked into. Finally I got their awful page down. It was a hacker from Algeria and it was a scary looking page.

Unfortunately I still couldn’t get into my WordPress admin.  It rejected my password. It seems the hacker changed it!

I got onto live chat with my host and got them to delete everything except my one copy of WordPress and reset the user name and password for me, so here I am.  Not a lot better off actually.  It would appear that my theme may not be very secure. Not that I really know what that means, but I do know that I’m back to square one now with no way of designing a theme for myself. It’s all too much for my brain to cope with now days.  If I continue using this theme,  will I be hacked again? Did they enter through the theme or my blog? I just don’t understand how these things work.

I don’t feel safe any more, that’s for sure.


  • Ron

    Oh damn, I just recently read on one of my other blogging friends blog, that the same thing happened to her – and she too is also on WordPress.

    And like you, it totally puzzles me HOW this happens!?! I mean how do these people get inside someone’s blog?

    So sorry to hear this Babs, but PLEASE don’t let this deter you from blogging because I would be so sad if you stopped. 

    I don’t know much about this stuff either, but perhaps if you try switching to one of WP’s regular themes (and then customize it yourself), it might make it harder for someone to hack it.

    Anyway, I’m sending LOTS of good energy that your blog is safe now.

    ((( Babs )))


  • It bothers me that these hackers have nothing better to do than pick on people who have done nothing to them.  It is not like we make buttloads of money or anything.  We do this because we WANT to.  Why mess with it?

    • There seems to be a nasty streak in a lot of people now. It gives them pleasure to cause other’s pain, just because they can.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why on earth anyone would want to hack a personal blog like yours – they must be people with very sad lives.

    Hope all stays as it should do now 🙂

    • It was a big shock when it happened, but I’m not going to stress over it any more. I think the people that do this kind of thing are sadly lacking in life, that they have to get power this way.

  • Imagine how angry you have to be with this. I thought, those can’t enter the blog if it has paid hosting but it happens. I hope, you can solve this problem, too. It’s a period of obstacles to cross. But it will finish shortly! :-)))

    • It seems nothing and nobody is safe from these sad people. Hopefully it’s the last thing to go wrong with my blog 🙂

  • So sorry, Babs! You are just a target lately. Wish I had more experience to give you advice, but I got nothing. You are even the first person that I know that got hacked…

    • I’m calmer about it now. Yesterday I was thinking of shutting my blog down for good, but today’s another day 🙂

  • Oh no, Babs! That sucks! It happened to us too, a while back. They didn’t change the theme, but they did create some sub folders that were decidely nasty. Mike took care of it. I’m sure he could help you, if you need it!

    • Thanks Nicky. I have deleted all but the one copy of WordPress I use for my blog. My host replaced my blog and I replaced the theme. I am hoping that got rid of everything, but what I know about these things isn’t much. Maybe you could ask Mike if that is enough to erase any thing they may have left there.

  • Some people are lower than the scum on a dog walker’s shoe. 

    Sounds like there may have been a weakness in the coding for the theme.  They probably hit a lot of sites using the same theme.  You could always pick a different one to be safe.

    I’m glad to hear you got things back under control.

    • Some people are lower than the scum on a dog walker’s shoe – I love that! Yes, I will be looking at replacing the theme as soon as possible, but I haven’t been able to get one to look right. This may be due to the fact that I can’t get my head around these things any more.

  • So sorry for all your blog-related issues lately.  When it rains it pours, but then the sun comes out.  I hope the sun comes out for you soon!

    • Someone’s out to get me eh? I’m sure the sun
      will come out very soon 😉

  • I’m really sorry this happened.  It’s really a terrible thing.  What jerks some people are.  Ruining something “just because they can”.  Hopefully, this will be cleared up and not happen again.

    • I’m working on trying to get another theme. I think that was the weak spot. I was more concerned about the awful page they put up than anything. It looked like terrorists to me!

      • That’s horrid.  I really am sorry this happened.

  • Babs, when I saw you were hacked, I wanted to cry for you.

    It really looked like  Al Qaeda Terrorist took over your blog. I had nightmares of the hooded-faceless image guy.


    I totally understand why you didn’t feel safe and how frustrated you must be.

    However, I am SUPER thrilled you were able to sort-of-fix the issue, and at least get that scary page down.

    Hopefully that will NEVER happen to you again.

    Have you spoken with Kathy? I think her IT person will be able to help you out with themes, designing, protection and all that jazz.

    Love you!

    • Hi Meleah. It was a horrid page wasn’t it?

      I think I have managed to design a new theme that will be good enough. Just a couple of very minor bits I can’t seem to change. But on the whole I think it’ll do :)) I’ll probably sort it out tomorrow some time. I’ll be down for a bit, while I sort it all out on my actual blog, but I’ll get there 🙂
      Thank you for telling me about it when you did! It had only been hacked a very short while when you discovered it.

  • Rebecca @ FreakyFrugalite.com

    I saw your comment on Facebook about your blog being hacked. 🙁 I’m really hoping it doesn’t stop your blogging. Hang in there, girl!

    I got a computer virus earlier this week, and it was awful. So I sympathize… it’s been *one of those* weeks.

    • It was awful, and I did waver slightly, but I’m almost done designing my new template. Hopefully it will be more secure than my existing one 🙂 Sorry about your virus 🙁

  • Jay

    Oh no!!!  I was hacked once, and like you, all I saw of my blog was one very scary looking page.  It didn’t take too long to put right, and I didn’t lose anything much, but it was NOT a nice experience.

    I’m sorry that happened to you, and I’m sorry I can’t help you with how they got in etc. Not that savvy myself!  🙁


    • As they hacked my theme, I am guessing that was the weak point. I’ve now changed the theme, so hopefully all will be well now.