It’s a knockout!

This was first posted in 2009. A few of you may remember it, but it will be a first read for most of you.

We got a Wii and Mo often played the boxing game on it. I never had but she thought it would be good for us to have a match.

It went something like this…..

Round 1

Mo: Jab, jab with the left, uppercut to the body with the right….WHAM!

Babs: Thwump!  flat out on the floor….  One….two….three…. gets up to her feet….jab, jab, uppercut….jab, jab…….. (Nothing is happening) “My Mii’s not doing anything”….

Mo: Jab, Jab, WHAM!…..

Babs: “My Mii won’t work!”  Jab, jab, uppercut to the………….Bowl of nuts! CRASH! Nuts and sweets fly everywhere! “Oops” “My Mii won’t work”  jab, jab…..

Mo (laughing): Jab. jab. WHAM!!!

Babs: Thwump!  Flat out again… One…..two….three…..four….. “Why won’t my Mii work?”  Gets up…..

Mo: “You can’t be doing it right….WHAM!!!!!!!

Babs: Jab, jab (slowly working her way across the room to the television, in her frustration and attempts at getting in closer to hit this elusive Mii)  “I am, look it won’t do anything”  Jab, jab…

Mo: Jab…jab…. “Hit me upwards to the body”

Babs: “I AM! Look”  Gets low down, arm back ready for a neat ‘upper thrust’  Babs is very focused.  WHAM!! CRASH! SPLOSH! “Oops”  “SEE! she did nothing! She didn’t hit your Mii at ALL! Mi remote isn’t wor……..”

Mo: WHAM!!

Babs: Thwump….One…two….. gets up.  “But it isn’t wor………..”

Mo: WHAM!!

Babs: Thwump….One….two…. nine….TEN!   It’s a knockout! Game over!

Babs: (looking around at the nuts and sweets all over the floor and the pools of tea soaking into the rug)  “Oh look at the mess!”

Mo: “You were supposed to hit my Mii, not thump a mug of tea across the room! I hope it doesn’t stain the rug”

Babs (armed with cloth and carpet spray)  “I don’t think it will (giggle) My Mii wouldn’t do anything …….. Oops! There’s tea all up the wall too!”

Mo: (calm as you like)  “Well she can’t hit my Mii while I am jabbing at you.  You have to wait, and hope I stop for long enough to get a hit in”

Now she tells me.

Note to self: Remember that the little Mii on the television screen isn’t what you are supposed literally to hit!

First Place: with heaps of hits – Mo
Second place: with no hits (unless you count the nuts and tea) – Babs



  • Ha, ha, those Wii’s are something aren’t they? I’ve played Wii golf and bowling but nothing as physical as boxing. Hey, I’m a duffer not a boxer.

    • My most played is tennis and golf. Mo’s is bowling and boxing! Boxing is too hard for me!

  • You two are so jet set techie’s compared to me. I don’t know what a wii is! But it sounds kind of fun!

    • We have always tried to keep up with technology. Who am I kidding! We LOVE gadgets! We got this purely for keeping fit though. The fun was a bonus 🙂

  • Comedy Plus

    Bwahahahahahaha. I remember this one. Mo is good about not giving you all the information isn’t she? Yes, she is.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

    • She knew she would win if she didn’t tell me ha ha!

  • Ron

    Babs, you wrote this post brilliantly because I could SEE all of it happening!!!!

    You two ladies CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!

    “First Place: with heaps of hits – Mo
    Second place: with no hits (unless you count the nuts and tea) – Babs”


    Have a faaaaaabulous weekend, Babs!

    X to you and Mo!

    P.S. and I’m glad to see that you upgraded to the new Disqus format because I’ve been hesitating to do so in fear that it wouldn’t work.

    • Ha ha! I’m glad you enjoyed it Ron. It really was hilarious at the time 🙂

    • I always jump in with both feet 🙂

  • To funny. I call for a rematch now that you are armed with the rules. A Wii sounds like fun. I think I may have played baseball or something at a party once.

    • It is great fun. I tried that baseball and it’s hard work. I got really sore arms 😉

  • P.J.

    Ha! That’s a funny story. In the end, I’m sure it was quite the workout as well. Seems like whenever I play the Wii, I get a better workout then going to a gym!

    • It definitely was a good workout! I lost a lot of weight playing on that Wii 🙂

  • Ha! Man, when you enter the ring, it’s not the heads that will roll. It’s the teacups and cookies.

    • That’s why I haven’t entered it again! How you doin’ Margaret?

      • Good, Babs! Trying to work my various writing projects but also wanting to escape and catch up on my blog reading!

  • If I were God…

    That game is a good workout -if you do it right!

    • You’re not kidding! Following the training is hard enough 🙂

  • Nicky

    Ha! I think you should give yourself credit for hitting the tea and sweets. And, of course, the nuts! 😉

  • Barb

    and this is why I don’t play these types of games 😉

  • Oh, yes! I definitely remember this one! And it’s STILL hilarious!