I’ve eaten in some funny places, but…

I’m taking part in 30 Days of Writing, started by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese. For a list of who’s taking part just visit their blog and check the list of links at the bottom. Today’s prompt is ‘In the kitchen’

This was first posted a few years ago, so Nicky may well laugh at me in my comments. That’s OK though, because she’s supposed to laugh.

Mo and I always eat our evening meal on individual tables in the lounge while watching the evening news.  Last night was a little different because our sister, Tina, was staying with us so there were three eating.

We were having one of my favourites – Spaghetti Bolognese.  I prefer the Bolognese to have a fair amount of liquid rather than a thick sauce, and Mo always makes it just the way I like it, aside from the fact that there is always enough big chunks of garlic in it to sink a battleship.  Mo loves chunks of garlic, I don’t.  Why does the mountain of garlic chunks always end up on my plate?

Anyway, things were not running quite as smoothly as usual.  Our tables are usually set up before the meal is ready.  Tonight I hadn’t set them yet when Mo handed me my plate of Bolognese along with my cutlery.  I put my cutlery on the table and went to put my plate down.  What the……? My plate was empty! I mean EMPTY! I stood, puzzled.  Where’s my dinner?  I gazed, confused at my plate but no, there was definitely no Bolognese there.  On closer scrutiny I saw that there was a single strand of spaghetti on the plate.  A single strand?  Had Mo put me on a diet?  ONE strand of spaghetti?

Then I saw it.

Spread out on our lounge carpet was a 2ft projectile of Bolognese topped with a liberal amount of spaghetti.  My plate was clean, and when I say clean I mean clean.  Aside from the one piece of spaghetti there was no sign anything had been there.  I stood looking in disbelief at my lovely meal spread out on the carpet and soaking in more with every second that passed.  How had it happened? When did it decide to go skating off my plate?  What made it go so far?  I would love to have been a fly on the wall and seen it happen.  Preferably in slow motion.

“Mo! Come and see this” I called, in a state of shock but with a laugh bubbling up inside. “I’m busy” Mo said, from the kitchen, but Tina came rushing in. I looked at her and started to giggle.  Tina looked at me and giggled. Mo came in and was a little less than amused.  “Oh you are SO clumsy! Just look at the carpet” Mo said, in a slightly more colourful way than that.  I giggled, Tina giggled and Mo threw out a few more irate comments as she went back into the kitchen to get their meals.  The more irate Mo got, the funnier it was to me. It wouldn’t have been so funny though, if it were not for the fact that Mo always cooks enough for two days, so I was safe in the knowledge that I would be eating Bolognese that night.

By the time we had eaten Mo saw the funny side of it.  I knew she would.  It just takes her a little longer to laugh at these sort of accidents.

And now I’m thinking of firing myself as a blogger.  I didn’t take a photograph of it before I cleaned it up, and I don’t think that suggesting a re-enactment of the scene for photographic reference would have gone down too well, do you?

  • You could have posted this on magic carpet day, Babs. Good thing you had enough to not have to eat yours of that rug.

    • I don’t think the cat hairs would have added any flavour to it 😉

  • Wendy

    Loved that last line! 

  • Good thing that you didn’t turn around and then proceed to step in it!

    • I was frozen to the spot, in confusion – thankfully 🙂

  • Good thing that you didn’t turn around and then step in it!

  • Here I am thinking that a dog licked the plate clean then puked it up on the carpet.  Goes to show how my house has been going this week!  =))  And now I do try to keep a camera near at all times cuz ya just never know!  But no worries!  You painted a good picture!!

    • My camera is never far away. I was just too shocked by the mess to think about it. I had to show willing and clean it up as quickly as I could 😉

  • Ron

    Again, you and Mo are like Lucy and Ethel in “I Love Lucy!”

    Hilarious, Babs! And I so wish I had been there to see it!

    I’ve had similar experiences in the past where when carrying my plate to the table, somehow the food SLID off the plate and landed on the carpet.

    NOT a happy camper 🙁

    Have a terrific Tuesday, Babs!

    X to you and Mo!

    • You know Ron, I often say that to Mo now, when we do something silly. We shouldn’t be IN a sit com. We LIVE a sit com :))

    • It’s not so funny when it’s all you’ve cooked. I don’t think I would be laughing then 🙁

  • Babs!  How did it end up on the floor?  I had a rug once that looked like that had happened to it, but it was merely the ugly design.  (No, I didn’t choose it!)  Mo mad makes me laugh too!

    • I have a habit of slightly leaning plates or cups. Mo is always telling me to be careful. It just slid straight off the plate as I turned to put the knife and fork down :)) Thankfully, it was before we got our new carpet. I always make Mo laugh when she’s mad. She can’t stay angry once I start 😉

  • I remember this post.  I can see it and see Mo’s response.  Too funny.  Life happens. 

    Have a terrific day.  Big hug.  🙂

  • Ok, I’m laughing – and not because this post is thousands of years
    old 😉

    You get 100 points today, my dear. And I’ll give you another 1,000 if you can convince Mo to do the re-enactment! 🙂

    • Ha ha! We DID get a re-enactment of sorts. Mo did exactly the same thing in the kitchen a few weeks later, and I wrote a post WITH a pic 😉

      •  Maybe we’ll be seeing that one shortly? 😉  Glad Mo made enough so you didn’t have to go to bed hungry.

        • That would have been another ‘kitchen’ post, I chose them in order of events, so maybe later 🙂

  • Things like this always need photos, but it’s still funny to picture! Sounds like it would have been something to make people laugh for a while!

    • It was, but a photo would have been the icing on the cake 🙂

  • Yet another reason people have dogs.  To blame stuff like this on.  And the bonus is the dog would have licked the carpet clean!  😉

    • Ha ha! That’s very true! Unfortunately, cats don’t offer the same service 🙂

  • I wish I knew how did that happen! 😉
    Love spaghetti any way you make them!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  • After reading that I am hungry for spaghetti. Even carpet spaghetti.

    • I feel a bit hungry myself but I think I’ll give carpet food a miss 😉


    That is so funny!  Did you count how many big pieces of garlic you had to pull out of the carpet?

    • Ha ha! There would have been heaps of garlic – I just know 🙂

  • “The more irate Mo got, the funnier it was to me.”

    Ahahahha – I laugh hysterically when my dad gets all mad. And the madder he gets the more I laugh too!

    Good thing Mo always makes extra food!