My! What a large stomach you have!

As some of you may know, I’ve been trying to lose weight. I’m not on a strict diet, but have started to eat smaller portions and cut out really fattening stuff. I also went on a daily exercise regime. I managed to lose 14 lbs in a few months and was quite pleased with myself. My weight is still slowly going down, but I’m finding it harder to exercise, without hurting myself, so that has basically stopped lately.  The funny thing is that while I’m losing weight everywhere else, my stomach seems to be getting bigger.  I look pregnant.  Bending down to tie my shoes is almost impossible. I have to straighten up in order to breath!

I very rarely go to the doctors, but decided to get something to help my IBS, so off I trotted.

Doc: “Do you ever feel bloated”

Me:  “Sometimes”

Doc: “Hop up onto the couch and let me feel about”

I hop onto the couch, wondering why.

Doc (prodding around my womb area):  “You do feel rather bloated”

I’m wondering what she’s feeling there for, because it’s my stomach that’s big, not down there.

Doc: “I think I’ll send you for a scan, just to check things out. Sometimes your ovaries can cause bloating” 

I’m even more confused now. What have ovaries got to do with IBS?

Doc: “I’ll arrange for some blood tests also”

I hate needles!

Blood tests done, the doc phones me up with the results. Most were fine, but my kidneys had a query and my cholesterol is a tad high. What was acceptable a few years back is no longer acceptable due to my age.  She puts me on Cholesterol tablets and wants a urine test done in six weeks time for my kidneys.

I didn’t expect that from just popping in for IBS, but I’m glad she’s sorting it.

Now the fun really starts!

I go for my scan, after drinking a pint of water, on an empty stomach.  I just made it to the room before bursting. He’s scanning up and down, up and down and up and down. Then he scans my back at both sides. Back onto my stomach and womb area scanning more. Finally he finishes.

Me: “Did you find anything?” I ask, as I’m trying to wipe all the jelly from my torso with one piece of now soggy paper towel he had given me.

Doc: “You have a large cysts here” he says, pointing to the top of his stomach.

I give up on the clean up and pull my T shirt over all the jelly, hoping it will soak it up. It doesn’t.

“Should I worry?” I ask

Doc: “I don’t know. We can’t tell from an ultra scan. I’ll write to your doctor and they’ll probably arrange another scan for you”

I’m worried!

The next day I get a phone call from the doctor’s surgery – Gulp!

He tells me not to worry but the results were back and they have found a cyst, or something, on my ovary.  They will arrange for me to go to the gynecological unit for a scan.

Me: “But they told me the cyst was at the top of my stomach”

Silence…. then….

Doc: “You need to go to the gynecological unit for a scan”

Me (even more confused):  “OK”

Doc: “If you haven’t heard from the hospital in two weeks, phone me”

Me: “OK”

Doc: “If you are uncertain of anything, come to the surgery and speak to us”

Now I am really scared. I have two cysts?

This doc wasn’t the one that I originally saw, so I wasn’t completely happy about this confusion.  The doctor I wanted to see was on holiday, so I made an appointment to see another doctor the next day (Friday).

She calls up my notes on her computer and my eyes got wider and wider as I sneakily read the results from the scan.

She has a massive cyst of 22cm x 23cm x 13cm (8.66″ x 9″ x  5″)  It runs from her ovary up to the top of her stomach and right across the left side.  It is so huge that they can’t see where it is attached. I will need a cat scan in order for them to see.

The young doctor was so intrigued that she asked if she could have a feel.

“My! That is a large stomach” she said, as she prodded around to try and feel the cyst. She couldn’t, I assume because I am so bloated.

I am really scared of hospitals and petrified at the thought of an operation, but now I know what is inside me, I WANT IT OUT!

Just look at this thing!  When you are only 5 foot, 9 inches covers a lot of ground, and it’s 5 inches deep!


How can these things grow inside you without your knowledge?  I feel like I have a alien inside me, waiting to burst out!

I wonder how much it weighs? I should end up much slimmer than I thought I was.


  • Comedy Plus

    Yikes Babs. You both are in my thoughts and prayers and yes, I’d want that out too. Please keep us posted as to what’s happening. I’m sure everything will be fine. I’m thrilled that you went to the doctor.

    Sending prayers and healing hugs. 🙂

    • Thank you Sandee. I’m glad that my doctor was on the ball and decided to examine me, for no apparent reason to me. Of course I will keep you all posted.

  • Ron

    OMG….that’s one HUGE cyst, Babs!!!!

    Yeah, I wonder how much it weights too?! I’m surprised you didn’t feel any pain or even discomfort of some kind.

    “I am really scared of hospitals and petrified at the thought of an operation, but now I know what is inside me, I WANT IT OUT!”

    I don’t blame you because I’m not fond of hospitals or operations, but I would want that out of me too!

    Please keep us posted, okay?

    ((((( You ))))

    X to you and Mo!

    • I have no pain at all and the only discomfort is the fat tummy. I did wonder why I was losing weight everywhere else but there and it does feel a bit too solid to be fat. I was going to mention it to the doctor, but she beat me to it.
      I will probably drive you all mad about it before long. It will be my first ever hospital stay.

      • Ron

        So happy to hear that you haven’t experienced any pain. And that’s a GOOD sign! Thank heavens you went to the doctor and she was up on it!

        “I will probably drive you all mad about it before long. It will be my first ever hospital stay.”

        No, you won’t drive us mad at all because we’ll all be concerned and anxious to hear how you’re doing. So, please…keep us posted because we love ya!


  • Gosh, I am sorry that you found some nasty cysts in there without your permission. All kidding aside, I am saying some prayers for you to get those removed and get an all clear. I hope that they are nothing more than an annoyance.

    • Thank you Cheryl. It’s only one, very huge cyst, so I wonder how long it took to grow that size, or how fast it grew?

  • I’m not a fan of hospitals or going to the doctor either. I guess sometimes it’s a good thing. Glad you did! Do please let us know how it goes, OK?

  • OHMYWORD!!!!!! BABS!! This is terrible news. And how scary for you!

    I will be praying with my whole heart they get it out, and get it out soon. And I will be praying for a smooth procedure and a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you Meleah. I am going for my scan on Wednesday, so will know more then. I can’t believe I had no symptoms, or knowledge of anything inside me!

      • That’s so crazy. And super scary. And I really hope everything works out well.
        Please keep updating us. I will be checking your blog and facebook ALL DAY Wednesday!

  • I’m just glad you went in to see the doctor. I will keep my fingers crossed for a really good result. I’m so sorry you are going through this mess.

    • Thank you Linda. It is not good, but many people go through far worse things eh?

  • Ivanhoe

    Oh my, honey!
    I hope they can take that sucker out and fast! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Big hugs from Ohio,

    • I’m sorry, I just found this comment!

      I have an update on this posted today 🙂

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Ooooohhhhhh … I’ve heard of these things!! Normally they are just ovarian cysts, so try not to worry. Just think of all the weight you’ll lose while you’re asleep!!

    Sorry to hear about the cholesterol and kidneys. Hopefully the kidney thing was just a glitch.

    • I will be doing an update soon as I have now seen the surgeon.

      I think they are looking at possible protein leakage with my kidney, which is controlled easy enough with tablets, apparently. Mo has that.