Nice and easy is the way I like things now

Are you a heavy computer user?  I am.

I always have more than one browser open, along with my email programme. Then I use any other programme at any given moment. One for viewing photos, one for cropping, Photoshop etc.  ALL at the same time.  My iMac came with 4 gig of memory, so you can imagine that I am often running with next to nothing free.

I decided a memory upgrade was in order.  I used the Crucial site, as it scans your system and shows you all the various upgrade options for your PC.  Nice and easy is the way I like things now.  I decided to go for two 4 gig modules to add to the two 2 gigs I already have, which would give me a healthy 12 gig in total.  Later I would swap the two 2 gig modules for 4 gigs also but, for now 12 gig would do me nicely.

It arrived in a few days and we set to installing it.  Installing memory on a Mac is a piece of cake.  As I said, nice and easy is the way I like things now.  We plugged everything in and switched on….. Nothing.

After several tests of switching modules, removing modules one by one and restarting (or not), we discovered that one module was faulty.  They told us to return both modules for replacement, which meant I was back to having to actually close some programmes down as I opened another.

It’s Friday and we can’t post them off until Monday so Mo suggested I install the one module that’s working, until Sunday night.  “Great idea” I said. “I’ll get the packaging ready so all I have to do is pop it straight in and seal it Sunday night”.

We install the module and plug everything back. I have 8 gig for the weekend.  I printed out the prepaid address and returns number, along with the relevant paperwork.

Lookie here!  What a nice, neat package. All ready for Sunday night……….. er……….


“Mo! Look what I’ve done!”

Mo looks blankly at my nice, neat package and says “Wha…….”

I tear the package apart, print out new labels and get a new Jiffy envelope out, ready for Sunday night, when I can actually place both memory modules in it.

I worry about me.

  • Ron


    HILARIOUS!Honestly, Babs….that sounds exactly like something “I” would do!

    On the new computer I just got it came with 8 GB, so it feels incredible compared to my old computer which I was running VISTA on with only 512 MB. And I did that for 6 years. It finally crashed. 🙁

    Have a great Saturday, my friend…X

    • I can only be thankful I didn’t give to Mo to post on Monday morning before I remembering!
      Wow! 512MB of ram is not much. My Firefox uses more than that on it’s own. Probably because it’s also my feed reader though 🙂

  • I have closed envelopes before without putting the check in or sealing in the only letter that has the Address on it. 🙂

    For most of the previous decade, I ran a laptop that had 128MB memory. 
    And I was a gamer then. 

    Now that I have a laptop with 4GB memory and a dual core processor – I do almost nothing on it ! 😀

    • I don’t know how you managed with that amount of memory. I suppose we adjust our usage to whatever memory we have though.

  • Bwahahahahaha.  If it’s going to happen it will happen to the two of you.  Just saying. 

    Have a terrific day and weekend you two.  Hugs.  🙂

    • I didn’t get this comment in my mail – how strange.

      You’re right about that. Most things happen to us 😉

  • That doesn’t sound like something I would do. That sounds like I’ve done 🙂

    I wrote ALL the thank you cards after I got married, personalised for each and every person. Then I put them in UNADDRESSED envelopes and sealed the envelopes. Then realised I had no way of knowing whose card was in which envelope. Then I started all over again 🙂

    • Oh that is much worse! I bet you were pleased to find you had to do them all again – not!

  • I have mailed many a bill without the check enclosed…of course, that may have been intentional ;}

    • Oh I know that trick. I received many an empty envelope from clients who wanted to prolong their payment 😉

  • Haha, at least it’s good to know I’m not the only one who would do stuff like that!  

    • At least I can say it’s not an age thing eh? 😉

  • :-)))) It happens to everybody, I think. 🙂 But you are different, you know. You can laugh about such a frustraiting situation! 🙂 I had to wait one year till HP changes all the pieces of my notebook one by one till they found the root of the problem.
    Important is that they have the wish to change…

    • Well, if we don’t laugh at these things they can stress you out and I try not to stress about anything now 🙂

  • Yep. So me. Too bad PEOPLE can’t get memory module upgrades. I am in dire need as well.

    Happy New Year Babs and Mo!

  • I totally abuse the memory on my computer too. I should look into getting more as well. And I am cracking me up! I have definitely forgotten to place the intended items INSIDE the envelope too.

    • It could be a Mac thing. For so long we have been able to have multiple programmes open that I rarely close them, until I shut down. Then I’m surprised at just how many I have open 🙂

      • Right now, I have all of these open –

        Email. Firefox: Facebook, Blogs, Flickr, Twitter. iPhoto. iTunes.

        • Ha ha! I just had: Mail, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhoto and Easy Crop. I still have open all but the last two now 🙂

  • Haha! I do that all the time. I was never this forgetfull in my life! Getting old sucks! 🙂
    Have a great week, ladies!

  • Jay

    You forgot to pack one of your returns?  Ha!  I’ve done just the same and had to rip packages open.  😛

    I always have lots of stuff open, too.  Right now, Firefox with 13 tabs, Safari with one, Text Edit, Spider Solitaire, Skype, Net Newswire and Quicktime for the radio.  

    • I forgot it because I had just put it in my PC ti use it for the weekend!
      It definitely seems to be a multitasking Mac thing 😉