Operation update

“Will I be in the geriatric ward?”

“I can arrange that for you. We do have somewhere we can put geriatrics”

This surgeon has my sense of humour!

We went to see the surgeon today, about my upcoming operation. She said that, having discussed it with the team that do the cancer ops yesterday, they are calling it a borderline cyst. They just don’t know at this stage.  If I was a young woman they would only remove the cyst and ovary, but because of my age they think it wise, while in there, to remove everything. That way it will remove any possibility of future problems in that area. I’m happy with that idea.  They will take a small amount of fatty tissue from the inside of the tummy and send it, along with everything else, to be thoroughly tested. It could take up to two weeks for the results and only then will I know if it was benign or not, or if it’s confined only to the cyst.  That will be a long wait.

I still don’t have a date for the op yet, as the surgeon who will be performing it was in surgery today. They said they were very sorry not to be able to give it to me, but will phone it through to me tomorrow.

I feel less afraid of going into hospital now because I could see how thorough and truly caring they all are. It instilled confidence in me. I am very grateful that the hospitals here in Sheffield are amongst the best in the country.

I still wish it wasn’t all happening though.


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  1. I know how hard the waiting is and my thoughts are with you. When I had my operation last year (uterine cancer) I was very scared. They also took everything, well it wasn’t much use to me at my age, and I can honestly say I now feel better than I have in years. My mother died through cancer at a relatively young age and I have always had that fear in the back of my mind, and now with all my “bits and bobs” gone I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am sure after carrying that huge cyst around with you, you will feel like a new person! :)

    • Oh, I didn’t know you had an operation last year! You know exactly how I feel then. We lost my mother, aunt, cousin and niece to cancer, so know that niggling fear too. I am saving up my pennies to get lots of new clothes for the slimmer me, when it’s all over :)

  2. I hate the waiting part too and the two weeks for the testing is a long wait too. Just think positive. I’ve a good feeling about all this.

    This past weekend a bunch of us from our yacht club were talking about getting old and all the stuff that grows on you. One of the gals said her doctor calls them barnacles. I laughed for five minutes over that one. I’ve noticed a few barnacles on me too.

    Have a terrific day and keep us posted. You and Mo are in my thoughts and prayers. Always have been, always will be. Big hugs to you both. :)

  3. “I feel less afraid of going into hospital now because I could see how thorough and truly caring they all are. It instilled confidence in me. I am very grateful that the hospitals here in Sheffield are amongst the best in the country.”

    I am so happy about that, Babs! It’s important to feel confident about something like this. Sounds like a wonderful hospital staff and I LOVE that the surgeon has a sense of humor!!!

    I know the “waiting part” is not easy, but just know that I’m sharing MUCH “good energy” with you that all is well!

    ((((( You ))))))

    Keep us posted, okay?

    X to you and Mo!

    • The surgeon kept making us laugh. She must have sensed that we liked a good laugh. I do have confidence in this hospital. So far, the treatment we have received, on all levels, has been great.
      Thank you for caring Ron, when you have enough to deal with. Maybe we can be there for each other :)

  4. I am sorry you are having to deal with any of this. Waiting for all of this to be behind is stuff, I am sure. I had a health issue when I was younger and still remember the fright of it. I am ever the optimist though. Things have a way of turning out for the positive. Still…I wish none of this was happening for you.

  5. It’s a good sign, Babs. If they thought, it could be something bad, they would move much more quickly. The expert doctors do not need to wait the analysis, they said to me. They understand it just from the photos and …mmm… what they see on the monitor. So, be calm in this sense. It’s a good sign.

    I waited all the summer till they called me. But than I went home on the third day.

    I tell you the secret :-))) The medicine, anesthetic that they use today is very marry. You know, when I had the operation the first time, I woke up during the operation and it was very bad sensation, I have to say you, but today the medicines are very different. All the women I’ve seen operated were very happy when they woke up after it. One I’ve heard chant, other laughed, I showed the tongue to the nurse. They laughed as mad when they took me till the ward. They asked questions and I showed them the tongue…

    • I must admit, I am pleased that they don’t feel it’s urgent, though they said they will do it as soon as possible as it’s uncomfortable for me :)
      I hope I don’t do something too embarrassing after I come round then :))

  6. Doctors get a sense of bad vs. good via the visual. I’ve known several people who’ve had ovarian cysts. Are you having a hysterectomy? A friend said that is was the best thing she ever did.

    Thoughts and prayers (even though I’m a bit agnostic). Let’s stick with positive thoughts. Lots of positive thoughts wafting your way.

    • As long as I don’t have any health issues, they will be giving me a full hysterectomy, which I am pleased about.
      I don’t mind a few ‘bit agnostic’ prayers, but positive thoughts are good ;)

  7. Thank you for the update, Babs. I wish it was not happening to you at all. But sooner it is out and tested the better.
    Thinking about you and wishing you only the best!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  8. I still wish you didn’t have to go through this at all – but I am VERY happy that surgeon has such a GOOD sense of humor.

    And I am also very happy you feel as though they are making the right decision about removing everything all at once. I think that’s the right thing too.

    “I feel less afraid of going into hospital now because I could see how thorough and truly caring they all are.” And that’s AWESOME.


    Now you just have to update me when you get your date for the procedure! XOXOXOXO

  9. We wish it weren’t happening, too! I’m glad you are confident going through this with the doctors you have. That’s so important and will lessen your worries. We’re all praying hard for you Babs!

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