Spiders – Who is the bravest of them all?

I am!

Well, almost

When I was growing up, our house was filled with females most of the time. It was understandable that any bravery needed was undertaken by our dad. “Dad! There’s a big moth!” or “Dad! There’s a spider!” Dad would dutifully collect the offending creature and set it free outside.

One day, when I was about ten or eleven years old, dad had collected a spider in a brown paper bag, ready to be set free.  The only thing different this time was that he decided he didn’t want to trek down to the garden.  We lived on the top floor of the house and had our bedrooms downstairs for some reason, that I’m sure was very practical at the time.

Spider“Who will be the bravest one of you girls, and carry this down to the garden?”  The others all squirmed away, and my dad gave me that look, the look that said, “You can do it.”  When you are faced with the choice of being brave, or being a wimp, it’s no choice at all really. Well, it wasn’t for me then, though it’d be very different if I was faced with the same situation now.  “OK, I’ll do it” I said.  I gingerly took hold of the screwed top of the bag, making sure that it couldn’t get out.

There were two flights of stairs down to the ground floor, and then another smaller flight leading to the back door, which led into the garden.  I started down the first few stairs, and must have shaken the bag as I hopped down.  The spider rattled in the bag.  I had visions of the ugly spider, with it’s long black legs, wriggling around inside the bag, and panicked!  I ran faster and faster, with the spider rattling more and more, but I couldn’t possibly slow down.  The faster I ran, the more the spider rattled.  I was almost falling down the stairs in my blind panic!  My little legs had never moved so fast! But I held on to that bag as tightly as I could. I HAD to show dad that I could do it. I opened the back door and threw the bag as fast as I could. I certainly wasn’t going to open the top and shake it out!  It should think itself lucky it lived to see another day, albeit inside a brown paper bag! I could have fallen down the stairs, landed on the bag and squashed it flat. Be grateful, I say.

Mo’s spider bravery.

Jump forward 20 years, while I tell you of Mo’s bravery. I hadn’t known her very long, and I found a little spider in my flat. “Ooh! A spider” I said.  “Oh that’s nothing” says Mo, acting all brave and picking it up to put it out the window.  As soon as she had picked it up, a look of disgust flashed across her face. “Ughhh!” she said, and she threw it! At me!  So much for protecting me from the horror of spiders.

So who do you think was the bravest?

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  • Barb

    Ewwww…definitely you- not only did you willingly carry one in that bag, but you had one thrown at you…yuck! I would’ve smacked her!

    • Ha ha! Thankfully, it was only a harmless small one, or I might have 🙂

  • Ron

    “I had visions of the ugly spider, with it’s long black legs, wriggling around inside the bag, and panicked!  I ran faster and faster, with the spider rattling more and more, but I couldn’t possibly slow down.  The faster I ran, the more the spider rattled. ”

    OMG, Babs….I got chills reading that because I could picture it happening!!!

    There are two insects that FREAK ME OUT. One is a Palmetto bug (a large, flying water roach), and the other is a SPIDER. I act like totally sissy when I see either one, and SCREAM!

    ““Ughhh!” she said, and she threw it! At me!”

    I would have DIED!!!!!

    And I definitely think YOU were the bravest!


    P.S. love the spider graphic!

    • It was the first and last time I ever held a spider – NEVER again! Why, on earth couldn’t I live with someone who isn’t freaked out by spiders?

  • I kill spiders. I think I might kill people who threw spiders at me, too.

    • Ha ha! I had to laugh at the expression of bravery turn to disgust and then panic, when she felt it wriggle.

  • I think the brave one was the spider in the bag.

    • Hmm… I suppose it would be a tad scared, with being shaken up inside a paper bag 😉

  • I can see Mo doing that!  She’s brave all right but all your carrying on made her nervous!  LOL!

    • Mo is not brave when it comes to spiders. She’s as bad as me really, but just pretends to be cool – until it runs towards her 🙂

  • Ha! That’s a funny story. Chucking spiders could be a new sport!

  • You are TOTALLY-SUPER-BRAVE!!!! I would have run away screaming & crying in full-blown hysterics!

  • I can hear the spider getting tossed around inside that bag…yuk! You threw that one and Mo threw the other one…tie?

  • You were indeed very brave…and lucky you didn’t fall.  Oh, and shame on Mo. 😉

  • Jay

    I think you were EXTREMELY brave as a girl, carrying that spider in it’s paper bag prison!  Gosh, I can just imagine how terrified you were running down those stairs, but you did it.  See, the thing about bravery is, you aren’t brave unless you’re first scared.  Being brave is being scared and doing it (whatever it is) despite the fear.

    So my vote goes to you!

    • I know you have no such fear of spiders. Your OH does though, so you know what its like second hand, so to speak 😉

  • You two slay me! I think both of you were equally brave. After all, bravery doesn’t mean not being afraid. It means doing something despite being afraid. And you both did. Well, at least until the point where you both flung the poor things. 🙂

    • Ha ha ha! Well, they shouldn’t run around and frightening the likes of me. Why can’t they be pretty, and pink, or something? And why can’t they move slower?

  • HA HA HA I JUST LAUGHED OUTLOUD!  That was totally unexpected… hysterical!

    • I must admit, I laughed after Mo had thrown it. Only because it was a tiny little thing.

  • MalisaHargrove

    That was a beautifully written story. I was there with you running down those stairs! If someone throws a spider at me, they need to prepare for the end! 🙂

    • Thank you. It was only a tiny thing, that Mo threw, or she wouldn’t have gone anywhere near it in the first place.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    If Mo touched it, then she’s the bravest. And the dumbest. 😉

    • Mo would never touch a spider that was anywhere close to the size of our house spiders. This one was a tiny little thing.