The problem with Google Reader

As most of you are aware, I have had my fair share of blog problems lately. The latest of these has nothing to do with me and is nothing I can fix. My feed is still not updating in Google Reader.

I have been searching around the their forums and what do I discover? I discover that I am not alone. Many people are having the very problem I have.  Either their own blogs are not updating, or blogs they are following are not getting updated. This is a Google Reader problem and it’s been cropping up for some years, according to the forums. The problem has never been addressed by Google and there has never been a solution offered up on any of the forum posts.

I stopped using Google Reader some years back. Well I didn’t really get started with it if I’m honest.  Being a Mac girl, I like user friendly applications and I found it to be too cumbersome for me. I use a Firefox extension called ‘Brief’. It uses a sidebar and my browser window. It’s so quick and easy. I’m not suggesting you all change over to Brief but as most people use Google Reader, it does leave me with a massive problem.

With the best will in the world I don’t want to spend my time writing posts if most of you will never read them. It’s one thing when you are a new blogger, but once you have built up a readership, to lose them because of Google is very disappointing.

There is only one thing I can think of to do, but I will have to think hard about the value of doing this before I decide.  I was going to change my ISP before this happened. I could still do that and at the same time change my domain name, therefore getting a new feed link.  Hopefully Google won’t mess that one up.  It’s either do that or stop blogging.  When I stop blogging I want it to be my decision and not something forced upon me by Google. I must admit, with all my recent problems, it has knocked the blog stuffing out of me a bit. I am wondering if a simple life, without all this stress would be the way to go.

Once I have given this some serious thought I will post an update and hope that you actually see it. In fact, I hope that you actually see this post!


  • This just popped up in Google Reader for me. Just to let you know.

    • Thank you for letting me know. It seems erratic. Sometimes it updates and sometimes not.

  • Ron

    Hi Babs~

    I just wanted to stop by and say that, yes, I did get your post update in  my Google Reader this morning.

    It’s true, many people are having this problem with Google because several of my other blogging friends have shared the same thing. Problems get MY updates and also problems with other bloggers getting THEIRS. 

    I will look into ‘Brief’ and check it out sometime this weekend. Thank you for sharing that.

    Have wonderful weekend, my friend.

    • Thanks Ron. Brief really is quick and simple once set up 🙂 This is really a pain because I don’t want to stop blogging. I hope I can fathom a way to keep going.

      • Ron

        Please keep going because I would DEARLY miss you.

        (((( You )))))


  • Your posts are showing in my Google reader, so I’m not getting what your problem is?  Sorry.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

    • It only updates my blog spasmodically. There are many blogs that are months behind in Google reader. It just isn’t reliable and I have no idea when, or even if it will update again. It’s not a good situation to be in with your blog. I have lost a lot of my readers in the last month or two. Maybe it shows in some and not others. I really don’t know, but I have been told it hasn’t shown up in many readers. I even checked in my own Google reader and it hadn’t updated in that either.

  • I have you in my Google reader and have never missed a new post from you. I usually don’t look at my Google reader till late in the evening but today I opened it at approximately 1:00pm (East Coast time/USA) and there you were. 

    • This is very strange because I’m definitely not being updated in other people’s readers. There seems to be no logic to it. This post updated in my Google Reader, yet it has missed out the previous post completely!

  • This post is fine, I never saw the previous though. 

    • The previous post is missing in my Google Reader too. It seems to be updating every 2 or 3 posts and leaving out the rest.

  • This post arrived in our (google) reader at 2.48pm. We checked all your recent posts and they have all shown up in our reader. We had a similar problem quite some time back that our posts were taking anything up to 12 hours to show up, and another time some other people’s post weren’t showing at all. Several weeks later they all arrived at the same time. It gives you quite a shock when you think you are more or less up to date on posts and suddenly see you have 200+ unread posts!!!

    • It really is a weird thing. With so many people having problems, you’d think Google would sort it out once and for all. Maybe I’d better just hang fire and see what happens, before taking drastic measures.
      It’s a pain as I wanted to post some 2 and 3 part posts next.

  • I have you in my blog’s right column and new posts always come up. That’s how I visit you. I do not pay much attention to the reader.
    Either way you decide, I’m glad we can stay in touch through FB 🙂

    • That’s a good way of getting updates! It sounds a bit like my sidebar in Firefox 🙂 I don’t think I’m ready to quit yet, but need to decide wether to change my domain name. I’m not sure how big a job that is. I’ll think on it 🙂

  • Babs, for the record, I use a Firefox add-on called Boox, to get notified of new posts. I created a bookmark folder in my Toolbar and when I subscribe to a blog, I send its RSS feed to that folder. When I click the folder, then click the blog, all the posts show up in a listing, with the new  posts I haven’t read yet appearing in bold. Yours popped up that way.

    I do know what you mean about not wanting to be controlled by Google. You may recall I moved away from Blogspot back when they changed their commenting system. I hated them for like a year, all the work they essentially forced me to do to keep blogging the way I wanted to. I understand the frustration.

    But keep blogging, please. Not everyone uses Google Reader, and people will find you!

    • Boox sounds similar to Brief. I have a toolbar icon that shows an unread total. I click on it and the sidebar feed list opens with a new tab. So simple and reliable. I moved away from Blogger because I hated the way they controlled my blog. I won’t let them squeeze me out because they control my feed!

  • Well, this one popped up in my reader, but I don’t think the last one did. I really hope you don’t give up blogging. I’d miss your funny stories, not to mention your little curly head 🙂

    • Same in my Google Reader. Goodness knows what criteria is used to determine which posts get updated and which don’t! I will soldier on, as they say 🙂

  • No issues for me either, but I will say that Google Reader has some weird quirks that I don’t like all that much. I think the fact that most of Google’s products are linked is causing some bugs to manifest. 

    • How long does it take to fix these bugs? This problem has been around on the forums for several years. Can you tell I’m not happy with Google?

  • I can’t stand Google Reade – too many glitches. I’m old school. I just use my blogroll, to check my favorite blogs, to see who’s updated. 

    • Well, I will always have you as a reader then – unless you get bored with my posts 🙂

      • I will NEVER get tired of your stories and blog posts! I’ve been a faithful reader for YEARS! And I love you, Babs!

  • I must be one of the few that don’t use Google Reader, or any other for that matter.  I just make the rounds to those I read regularly.  I have my most read ones on my sidebar, which tells me when they have posted.  When I don’t get there in a timely fashion, it is simply my own fault. 

    I hope you get things worked out because I so enjoy your stories, and your and Moe’s antics.

    • Well, it’s nice to know that not all my readers use Google. That gives me hope that my posts won’t go totally unseen 😉

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    You mean there are a ton of people out there who never hear about my posts because they use a selective, self-interested, INEFFICIENT news reader, AKA Google???  Wow .. I didn’t know that.

    I use Net Newswire, which pulls in all kinds of blogs.  I cannot imagine why anyone would use a news reader which didn’t .. it kind of boggles the mind, actually.  I can only assume they are either lazy, or simply don’t know enough about computer technology to know what the options are, so they use what’s offered by ‘nice, friendly, available, Google’!   I’m beginning to hate Google.

    As you see, I’m able to read your blog – and in fact, today, rather better than usual, since it’s all nice and clean and not overprinted with ads!  Yay!

    I have a Blogger account solely to redirect people when I comment on a Blogger blog. This is another example of Google’s self-interest, isn’t it?  You can’t comment on a Blogger blog unless you are a Blogger blogger.  It makes me angry.

    I do hope you continue, Babs.  I have been slacking lately, both in writing and reading.  I haven’t been not reading your blog, but not reading anyone’s blog.  😉

    • Jay, you are a woman after my own heart. I didn’t say too much in my post, but I hate Google! Maybe hate is a strong word, but I dislike these vast corporations that swallow up everything in their path.
      I started with Blogger, but one of the things I didn’t like was that they controlled my files. Once a photo was uploaded you could never get the original photo back, should you want to. When I moved to WordPress and imported my blog, it was minus any photos! Having had several websites in the past, I was used to being in control of what belonged to me and WordPress was the next best thing.
      I will continue blogging. Not only do I enjoy it, but I refuse to be forced into obscurity by Google 😉
      Glad the blog is finally OK for you. I changed my theme again.

  • I tried Google reader and didn’t like it.  You won’t lose me!  Like some of the others, I have a list that I go through a few times a week.  Don’t leave us Babs!  If Google Reader is that buggy, I’d guess that people will find another means of getting their blog fix on! 

    • I have thought about it (not too much) and decided I will not give up blogging, or change my domain. What would I do without my blogging friends? I will trust that they will find my posts, one way or another.

  • ladybanana

    Seems fine for me in Google Reader!

    • But has it updated every post? It misses posts out completely in others and in my Google Reader.