30 days of Photographs IV: Soft

Day 3 -  Soft

30 days of Photographs is hosted by MikeWJ and Ziva.

Just a reminder of winter for you. It’s still a way off yet, thankfully. I love the soft fresh snow, before it freezes or becomes all slushy and dirty. Unfortunately, we tend to get cut off in the snow, so need to have plenty of milk and food stored for those occasions.

soft, reminder of winter, snow

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30 days of Photographs IV: Soft — 48 Comments

  1. A reminder of what’s just around the corner! Sigh. You know the old “rule” about not wearing white after Labour Day? Maybe we could make a new rule about not posting winter pictures until… never! Even if it is soft. :-)

  2. “Besides, I quite like winter :)”

    Amen, Babs! As you know, I do as well.

    AWESOME photo for this theme, my friend :)

    *two thumbs up*

    X to you and Mo!

  3. That’s just mean, Babs. Poor Ziva, of Finland, will probably burst into tears when she sees this. Winter’s already started there.

  4. Snow is pretty, but I don’t want to live in snow country. It’s an event to go anywhere. Just don’t care for that.

    Have a terrific day. ?

  5. I can actually see the fluff in the soft snow! So pretty! I am a bit jealous… although I love our beach, we don’t get much snow because of it, if ANY! I’m sure you may get tired of it after a while but we would be THRILLED for a few days of it. Pretty!

    • Do you know? I never get tired of it. I loved it as a child and I still love it. The only down side is when we get shut in our home for days, until the roads clear. Of course that doesn’t happen every time it snows.

  6. I have to admit that I am jealous. I lived a year in New York and miss the snow terribly. This is especially true now in the middle of a Texan August summer heat wave — that’s a mouthful, isn;t it? :-)

  7. Snow. Beautiful, fluffy, soft, white snow. We never see that in Texas. Sometimes we can sleet balls that people think is snow. No one can drive in snow in Texas. Can I come visit you in the winter?

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