30 days of Photographs IV: Poison

Day 25 –  Poison

30 days of Photographs is hosted by MikeWJ and Ziva.

The wicked Mojovial mixing her poison. She’s not so jovial today.

25 poison

I used Photoshop to colour it up and make the hair appear darker. You can’t have a wicked witch with golden hair, can you? The hand was another prop from our puppetry days and the nose? Well it must have been a Halloween leftover.

After taking the photos, I walked over to my computer, camera in hand, to upload them. I heard Mo  fussing about and looked over my shoulder, to see what was going on.

“It’s in my eye!” She cried out.

So it is, I thought, and laughed, grabbing my camera. Click, click, click.

“It’s in my eye!” Mo said again.

I put my camera down, removed the nose from her eye and helped her off with the wig and hand, still laughing at the tangled mess she was in.  She went back to watching TV.

The next day, I got the photos ready for this post and started to write it up and that’s when I noticed……


It’s in her eye!

No! Not the nose. Just look at the elastic in her other eye.


The ever suffering Mo, for the sake of my blog.

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  • Oh the things that poor woman goes through for you and this challenge. I think you guys are having more fun than any one else here. Great treatment of today’s prompt.

    • She is such a good sport. She just sighs and says “come on then”, whenever I say I need her to pose.

  • Was this Poison or Torture?

  • Ron

    “No! Not the nose. Just look at the elastic in her other eye.”


    Bwhahahhahahha! Oh, god love her! What a trouper Mo is. All for the sake of art.

    ((((((((( Mo )))))))))

    Babs, these photos are SUPER! Love the effects you did with the first one. And the puppets hands in both of them are stellar!

    Awesome job on this photo theme! You are so clever!

    X to you and Mojovial!

    • Thanks Ron. Poor Mo, is so used to me and my requests now 🙂

  • Ouch! But really – do you two sleep in your sleep too?

    • We always sleep in our sleep 🙂 Mo has been known to hold a conversation with me, when she’s asleep though.

      • I edited my comment – once should not be trying to comment when one is a) ill and b) trying to type with a cat parading back and forth in front of the computer screen using the keyboard as the parade route!

        • My cat is the culprit for many a mistake on my computer 🙂 I hope you feel better soon.

  • Sandie

    Oooh! That made me wince!! Mo is such a good sport :0)

    • She didn’t make a fuss about it. I didn’t know the elastic was in her eye, until I posted the photos!

  • ReformingGeek

    Oh my goodness! Ouchie! Bless her sweet little heart for what she has gone through. The photos turned out great, though.

    • She is very good, the way she lets me do all sorts to her, for the sake of my blog.

  • Poor Mo. Bwahahahahahahaha. I know she’s having fun, but you’ve really put her through some mighty difficult paces. I’m betting you both have been laughing your behinds off too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs to you both. ?

  • I AM DYING LAUGHING!! Mo is THE BEST sport ever!! She is such a trooper!

    • When I finally saw the photo up close I fell about laughing. I had no idea this had happened and she made no fuss at all!

  • LOL! Mo is my hero!

  • Oh my god. 😀 I have no words to describe the sheer brilliance of this.

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    OUCH!! Wow, that must’ve been painful! Poor Mo! I hope she’s OK!

    Well, she must be, or you’d have said! LOL!

    • She carried on as if it hadn’t happened 🙂

      • Jay of The Depp Effect

        She’s a brave woman! OH would probably have taken to his bed!

        • Ha ha! She’s brave with some things and a not so with others.

  • Ouch again today! She really is a good sport. Love the first photo but the others look too painful.

    • Strangely, it didn’t hurt or bother her at all. Just as well 🙂

  • Ouch! Poor MO! She is definitely the best sport EVER!

  • I always look forward to your pictures… They have been so amazing!!!! This is awesome!!!!

    • Thank you Katherine. Yours have all been great and so interesting!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Oh, great, Mo got blinded in one eye because of the 30 Days challenge. I suppose you’re going to sue Ziva and me now.

    A brilliant series of photos, tho, so it’s worth the legal problems.

    • I hadn’t thought about that, but now you mention it 😉

  • Jackal

    OMG this is hideous…

  • Yikes! Poor Mo’s eye is never going to be the same!

  • The nose is in her eye?! I guess she’ll have to go through life looking like a Picasso.

    • She did look a bit like one of his paintings ha ha!

  • Poor Mo, she continues to suffer for the sake of this challenge. If it’s any consolation, that is such a funny picture of her stirring the pot.

    But Ouch the other picture looks painful.

    • Funnily enough, it didn’t hurt her at all. She did make a fuss and I’m sure she would have 🙂

  • Ouch! But it was for a wonderful cause and fabulous shot. Loved the doctoring of the photo. I can’t wait to see what other torture you have in store for Mo.