30 days of Photographs IV: Tremor

Day 12 –  Tremor

30 days of Photographs is hosted by MikeWJ and Ziva.

I had a few idea for this one, but none of them would photograph well. I thought about a washing spin, that usually sends anything on top of the machine, shuddering across and falling on the floor, but you can’t really capture that. Finally I decided that Mo must take me out at night, so I could create my own tremor. We drove up to a high point, of which we have many here, in Yorkshire and I took the photo.  I took it using a slow shutter speed, while feigning a tremor.  Here is the result and very pretty it is too.


Below is part the scene I was photographing, though not the same spot. The lights of a town down below us.

lights of a town

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  • Well done. Very clever.

  • A lot of my pictures look like that. Especially when I need coffee.

  • Ron

    ” I took it using a slow shutter speed, while feigning a tremor.”

    Babs, what a creative idea!!!! And again, you give me another wonderful photography tip!

    FAB shot! On the tips of each stem, they look like tiny hearts!

    And thanks for posting both photos so that we could see exactly what you did!

    Way to go!!!!!!!

    X to you and Mo!

    • Ron, you will have so much fun experimenting with your new camera 🙂

  • Oh wow, Babs! That came out awesome!! Good job!

  • Wonderfully executed tremor, Babs, I love it! 🙂

    • I had to imagine it, as we don’t often get earthquakes 😉

  • I like how you did this and I’m happy that Mo is so helpful in this project. Very nice indeed.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs to you both. 🙂

    • Mo knows to expect all kinds of requests from me and is more than happy to oblige 🙂

  • ReformingGeek

    Ooh, ahh. You did good. Yes, indeed, very pretty!

  • Wow! I like the way that turned out… totally works!

    • Thank you. I used to do the same with my Christmas tree lights 😉

      • Christmas tree lights are the best when you look at them all squinty-eyed!

  • MalisaHargrove

    Hot damn! You and Cheryl are going to have to split the trophy today! Very nice work, Babs! I’m impressed to the lengths you went to to get this photo!

    • Cheryl’s photo was a real tremor, I think. Mine is fake 😉

  • Oh wow what an amazing idea! I am so happy you included the second picture so we could see what you were taking a photo of! You are VERY creative!

  • Absolutely gorgeous and inventive. I love the yellow and gold against the black.

    • I love to see the lights of a town or city from above anyway. This is fun to do.

  • Love the before and after. Or is that after and before?

  • Beautiful and it lends veracity to Cheryl’s photo since I suspected her of being an evil genius.

    • Mine is the fake. If I was really in the middle of an earthquake, my camera is the last thing I’d think of. 🙂

  • Your ‘painting with light’ is really quite beautiful. The one I chose to use was a bit more bold and loopy.

    • I tried to make mine look like the small tremors we get – once in a blue moon 🙂 Yours was a real tremor, wasn’t it?

      • Sorry, no. I put a tag on the post but I don’t know how many people saw it except Tami who mentioned it. We do have earthquakes & I enjoy them immensely. For some reason, we’ve had more on Christmas morning than any other day. We also have lots of tremors (usually nothing we’re aware of) so we are in a fairly high-risk area. Most people are surprised by that, but risk is based on history.

        In our area, there is absolutely no early warning but there is a system that’s been developed and being installed across the country from west to east. I think it’ll be in place here sometime in 2014.

        • We actually had one a few years ago and it was very scary, but invigorating, in a funny sort of way – once it was over though 😉

          • Exactly! We had a fairly big one centered a bit north of us and it sounded and felt like a freight train was barreling towards our house. My husband’s first quake experience and he didn’t believe me when I told him that’s what was going on until the news reports came in minutes later.

  • That Mo sound like an awesome sport. She really is helpful to you isn’t she? Very clever idea for the prompt.

    • Mo has never refused me when I ask her to do something for me, including model for all sorts of things for my blog 🙂