Arty farty stainless steel.

We went to Sheffield City the other week, in search of a little gift (memento) for Kathy and Dave when they came to visit. We wanted something specifically ‘Sheffield’ and something they would get some use out of.  Sheffield is famous for it’s stainless steel, so with that in mind we set off to the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, where items made of stainless steel can be bought.

While we were there we came across some rather arty farty stainless steel on display and out came my trusty camera.

Stainless steel cushion shapes that I wanted to touch, but they were in a glass case, for that very reason.
A very strange money box, featuring cutlery.
A huge sculpture that was made completely from cutlery.


What we really wanted to see was this.
wedding dress
This is the wedding dress that was designed and made by a woman for her daughter’s wedding last year. The under-dress is made of satin, but the complete dress is made from stainless steel. It was beautiful.  They did have a sample out for touchy feely people, like me. Surprisingly, it felt much like material and not at all course.

We didn’t get anything for Kathy and Dave here. It was all a bit arty and unless you know a persons taste it’s better to get something more practical, which we did.


Arty farty stainless steel. — 21 Comments

  1. Babs, these art pieces are just the COOLEST!!!!

    That stainless steel sculpture is AMAZING!

    Also, that dress is STUNNING! And I was just going to ask you how it felt to the touch; thinking it would feel stiff and coarse. But apparently it didn’t.

    Enjoyed this tour of the art gallery!

    Oh, and please tell Mo that I think she look wonderful in that color! I wish I could wear orange and peach.

    X to you both!

  2. All interesting pieces of art, but I agree the dress is the most interesting. I would have to reach out and touch to believe too. From the picture it definitely looks like crinkly fabric.

  3. I had no idea there was a place like this. Way cool. I would love to visit and I would really love to see that wedding dress.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs. :)

  4. I really dig the cutlery sculpture and the dress too! I’m sort of embarrassed that I hadn’t known Sheffield was known for its steel, which is funny because I come from a steel town too! Bethlehem Steel closed down a while ago, but there’s been revival in the area. They’ve brought entertainment and a casino to the area, and they’ve left all the steel stacks up and they light them at night, which looks surprisingly beautiful for an old rundown area. I’ll take a picture soon (it’s very near where I work). Anyway, love these pictures and Dave and I love the gifts you gave us when we visited. Dave’s using the keychain and I love the medallion as a keepsake. And of course, you see we’re using the tiny salt ‘n pepper phone booths!

    • I should have told you that what we bought you was a bookmark I’m sorry I didn’t think to tell you. I think you tuck the heavy part in the book and use the tassel to mark the page. I was too excited, at the time, to think about it!
      I’d like to see photos of your steel stacks. They tore down up a couple of the chimneys here, but I think the public wanted some to stay, which they have done. I don’t think they have made anything of them, as yet, but we do have quite a lot of steel around the city.

  5. Wow .. well, I kind of like the cushions, though they don’t look at all comfortable! I do like the dress though.

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