A biscuit surprise. Or are they cookies?

We stocked up on coffee pods, for Christmas and Mo wanted to use an airtight container, so she swapped with the biscuit container.  She didn’t stop to think that she would make the biscuits smell and taste like stale coffee pods!

“I’ll get a new container and some fresh biscuits tomorrow” she said, as I dumped the lot in the trash. As good as her word, she dutifully came home with a new container and a large packet of biscuits.

“I don’t believe it! I was especially careful to choose a pack that wasn’t broken! Look what that cashier has done”, Mo said, showing me the top few biscuits were broken. She shook the broken pieces out so the crumbs wouldn’t go into the jar.


She gently tipped the rest into the new container.  Just look at this! Every single one was smashed into little pieces. Have you ever seen such a mess?  What do they do in the store rooms of these supermarkets? Play football with the stock?

Back in the fifties and before the packaging of foods, they used to sell broken biscuits by the pound. Even those biscuits were not like this.

I suggested we make a cheesecake with them, but Mo was not impressed with that idea. The ducks will get a biscuit surprise this Christmas.

Broken biscuits

This isn’t the first disaster we’ve had from that supermarket. We bought a container of cat food pouches that were rancid. We bought a fresh crab, that was far from fresh and would have probably killed us if we’d eaten it and we’ve found many an item past it’s ‘sell by’ date in our fridge, before we had time to eat it. I doubt we’ll be shopping there any more, without double checking everything before we buy it.

We still have no edible biscuits!

  • Ron

    HA! Babs, I love that last photograph of the crumbed biscuits in the cookie jar!

    “What do they do in the store rooms of these supermarkets? Play football with the stock?”

    Yes, exactly! I’ve had the same thing happen to me when I’ve purchase tortilla chips or potato chips at the supermarket as well and it’s sooooooooo frustrating! I get the bag home and open it, only to discover that half the bag is full of crumbs. And the thing about about eating tortilla chips or potato chips is that I like to eat them WHOLE, not broken into a thousand little pieces, because what’s the point? They’re no long CHIPS, they’re just crumbs.

    “I suggested we make a cheesecake with them..”

    I like your idea about that! I bet they would make a great cheese cake crust.

    X to you and Mo!

    • Nothing worse than a bag of crumbs! The problem is, that once it’s opened, you have no proof you didn’t smash them up yourself and half the time, it isn’t worth the trip back to the store.

      • Ron

        ” it isn’t worth the trip back to the store.”

        I agree, Babs! This is why I now try to purchase chips in a bag that has a clear window on it, so I can see inside before I purchase. Unfortunately though, a lot of bags you can’t see inside first.

        • Too true and those biscuits felt firm in the packet, because they were all packed in tightly!

  • My wife takes stuff back to the store all the time. Since she’s a regular, they often give her double what she originally purchased at no extra cost.

    • Unfortunately, it’s so far to our supermarket, that it costs far more in petrol, to take something like this back, than it cost in the first place. More expensive items, we do take back though.

  • I do wonder what the stock folks do with some of that food before it makes it on the shelf. I wouldn’t be happy one bit. Okay, I’d find a new place to shop.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs to you both. 🙂

    • The supermarkets are such a long drive for us, that Mo shops in whatever one is closest to wherever she is, when she’s out and about.

  • I have to admit that US supermarkets are pretty darn good – I don’t remember the last time I was disappointed after opening up something pre-packaged. Plus I am a dedicated supermarket/label reader – nothing goes in the basket until I have read the label – makes my husband a little crazy sometimes – “check the expiration date” “what’s in it?” “where is it from?” Picky, picky, picky!

    • It isn’t easy for Mo, who is dyslexic. She’s even been known to bring home cottage cheese instead of cream 🙂

      • Guest

        My husband faces no personal challenges (aside from being male) and he is capable of bringing home cream cheese instead of sour cream – they both have the word cream in them, right? And of course I am total OCD PITA…

  • ReformingGeek

    Yee-ikes! I would make you some and send them over but I bet they would look like that by the time they got there. 😉

    We have our share of problems, too. It is a pain to take things back but I should really do it more often.

    • I’ve had food sent from the US and it arrived in far better condition than these biscuits!

  • Every once in awhile, I will buy chips or cookies that have a lot of broken pieces. Aggravating…
    I kind of like your idea of using them for making cheesecake. Seems like there would be some way to use at least the worst of the bunch to create a crumb crust or coating.

    • Feeding the ducks, is the best option when you’re trying to lose weight 😉

      • I totally understand that…that is my approach as well. I can’t have anything sitting around that might entice me to nibble on it.

  • I think your suspicions that they were using the biscuits as a football are probably accurate. In the states a touchdown is good on the field. Not so good in a supermarket. I’d definitely find a new place to shop. Maybe Mo should bring a a visual aid with her to shop. : )

    • I used to go shopping with Mo, but she likes to do things at her speed, which means there is no time for checking labels or thinking about which of two items to go with. If you do, you could find Mo waiting at the checkout, with all the shopping done!

  • Could you have gone back for a refund / exchange ?

    To be frank I woldn’t have gone back either and would instead put it in my tea !

    • Hi Jaffer! I tried to dunk a few pieces in my tea, but they just crumbled and dropped in! The ducks are the winners 🙂

  • I hope it’s not one of the BIG supermarkets!

  • Um, yeah. Y’all need to shop at a new store! You’ve had enough problems with food from that horrible place!

    • The trouble is, Mo shops where it’s convenient. She does a little each day she goes out now, rather than one big shop. It’s so far to any shopping area, for us, that it makes driving from one area to another a real problem, to say nothing of the petrol expense. The down side of living in a small village.

  • Sorry about the shopping woes. A pack of crumbled cookies would be disappointing, especially if you were just sitting down for a well-deserved treat. We are lucky where we live we are just minutes from everything we need. It does not, however, have the charm of a quaint village.

    • You either choose to live in a picturesque village, or have all the conveniences of a large town. The small, village shops have closed down over recent years.