I wish we could Photoshop real people.

We all like to look at glamorous people in magazines, but let’s at least be publicly honest with the younger generation and actually state that a photo has been airbrushed.  You know, like “Smoking can seriously damage your health”, it should say, “This photo has been airbrushed. Real woman do not look like this”.  Our generation is fairly clued up about what’s possible, though I’m often surprised by how many don’t know how much can be altered.  The problems arise because youngsters believe in these images and aspire to look like them, causing unhappiness and even more serious consequences.

Anyway. This post wasn’t meant to be serious, though the subject actually is.  I decided to have a little go at it myself.  I chose my sister for the exercise.  I only spent about 30 minutes working on it, so imagine what can be done with the correct Photoshop filters and know how. Watch the animation.

Unfortunately, it made my sister sad, because it reminded her of what she looked like before age took it’s toll.  Even so, I don’t think she looks half bad for almost 69, do you?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could Photoshop real people?  I’d be first in the queue.

  • Comedy Plus

    I’d be right behind you in that queue. Yes I would. I looked at my passport photograph from the early 90s and the one that I just did and wow what a difference 20 years made. Awful I tell you.

    Have a fabulous day Babs. Hugs to you both. 🙂

    • I know. It does make me very sad, so I try not to think about it too much!

  • Ron

    “The problems arise because youngsters believe in these images and aspire to look like them, causing unhappiness and even more serious consequences.”

    Exactly, Babs, couldn’t agree with you more! And I also like your idea about putting the warning…“This photo has been airbrushed. Real woman do not look like this”. Brilliant!

    LOVE how you did the Photoshop on your sisters photo. How clever! But I have to say (and I really mean this) she’s a very attractive lady now. I’m one of these odd people who really enjoys seeing “age” on people (men AND women). I think age is sexy! Your sister has beautiful eyes!

    Hope you’re having a FAB week, my friend!

    X to you and Mo!

    • I think there is something attractive about all ages really, but I think it’s really that we miss being in our prime. Like me, she has the lashes that are helped along by glaucoma drops 🙂

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    I think she looks darned good for 69!! Still very pretty, I’d say, and a great deal prettier than some of the airbrushed ‘plastic’ women with impossibly tiny waists and no bulges anywhere, even when they thrust out a hip. They are not real women. Your sister IS a real woman, and far more attractive for it, in my opinion. And I know OH agrees, because I showed him and he said so!

    • She is definitely the pretty one in the family 🙂

  • You sister looks good even without the photoshopping, and it was good of her to let you do this and put it online 🙂

  • Even in the pre-Photoshopped pic, your sister does NOT look 69! I love the pink/purple highlights in her hair! She looks like a fun, vibrant woman.

    • Yes. She is the scatty one of the family. Even more so than me 🙂

  • You are right about how misleading pictures are to the impressionable. In real life, most people don’t look like that. Your sister looks very nice both before and after. I’d like to airbrush me, too.

    • I think we should be able to stay at 35 for 10 years, then I wouldn’t mind getting older 😉

  • “The problems arise because youngsters believe in these images and aspire to look like them, causing unhappiness and even more serious consequences.”

    That is SOO true, Babs. And also sad.

    But, I wouldn’t mind being photoshopped in real life either!

    I love your animation.

    • Wouldn’t it be good if we could just pop into a Photoshop salon, order a respray and get all our excess hair sprayed out? 🙂

  • Rob Lenihan

    I think your sister looks fine either way, but point well taken about the Photoshop deception. So does your sister have a boyfriend….? 🙂

    • Ha ha! She married her childhood boyfriend and is still with him 🙂

      • Rob Lenihan

        Can’t blame a guy for trying!

  • I was reading the post and then the photo jumped and it freaked me out for a second. THEN I read the line, “watch the animation” and I realized I wasn’t going insane. Thanks for perking me up on a sleepy afternoon! 🙂

    • Just making sure you’re awake when you read my post 😉

  • You sister looks great. Life is not shiny all the time. I don’t subscribe to a wrinkle-free mentality. I will not color my hair or get a face lift. Probably by now, the parts of me requiring a lift would need a crane instead of a scalpel.

    • A crane lift. Ha ha! I’m also as mother nature intended. I see nothing wrong with a face showing some character.

      • After having a c-section when my son was born 23 years ago, going under the knife to enhance ones looks sounds crazy to me.

        I love what you did with Photoshop. The process is really cool.

  • ladyinredagain

    Hi Babs this is an interesting topic and I think your sister looks great both before and after.
    LiR aka Simply Anna

    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with a few wrinkles. It adds character 🙂

  • liudmila

    Mmmm… I would not like it, I think. First of all, even if I grumble often about my look, I like it in the very depth of my soul. So as it is. I guess so at least.

    Second – aging with dignity seems to me much more acceptable than “refurbishing”. I do not believe in it.

    So, for me, fitness, cure and make-up are just enough. It’s about do it…

    • I’m also a great believer in growing old gracefully. Although I wish some of my features were different, I would never change them with surgery, or use Botox. It only turns you into a freak eventually 🙂