It’s finally happening!

I have spent the last five years reading all your fun stories about meeting up with blogging pals. I had resigned myself to never meeting any of you, simply because I’m in the UK and you are mostly in the US or Canada.  I doubt that Mo and I will ever travel that far. Mostly due to cost, but we also have other reasons that would prevent us from ever making a long journey and who would want to travel this far to meet up with us?

Well, it’s happening and I still can’t quite believe it.

It started something like this…..

“We are finally going to do our European holiday!  We are going to Paris”

Me: “Oh, how lovely for you”

“Who knows? We may get to see you. I have never fancied England, but Dave wants to go”

Me (Tongue in cheek): “It would be great to meet up with you”

Time passed and I didn’t expect it to go any further than that.  It was a nice thought, but I doubted it would happen.

Well, it is happening!  Kathy (The Junk Drawer) and Dave are coming to Yorkshire. Not just for a few hours, but for two days!

It seems fitting that hers was possibly the first blog post I ever commented on. It was 2nd March, 2008 and this is the comment. I was so polite back then.

first comment

In the last few weeks email after email have been flying back and forth and it is actually happening!  I can’t quite believe anyone would go to the lengths Kathy and Dave have gone to AND cutting two days off their holiday, just to meet up with us.

They get here the morning of 30th of this month. We are so excited! We can’t wait!  Watch out for some stories from those two days.


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  1. I’m smiling ear to ear reading this! I can’t believe it either, Babs! And I love how you dug back to our first exchange on the blog. Wow, it has been a long time. I’m thrilled we got to speak on the phone at Christmas, but it will be even better to see you in person and give you a giant hug! About the pictures, you do know that when I go on these blogger jaunts, I must approve all pictures, right? You can’t just go taking them and posting them. I have all editorial approval. If you can’t promise me that, I’m not coming! Hee. Also, I will withhold Tastykakes and dark chocolate Reese’s.

    • I wouldn’t dream of posting photos without your approval. I would feel exactly the same, so you’d better not post any of me :) We’ll probably take some video too. I can upload them to my Drop Box for you to download once you are home :)

      It’s getting so close now.

  2. oooo! make sure to take Kathy to the Oven Door! and to Weds market! Have her talk to a Yorkshire farmer, LOL! (it’s another language, I swear!) My folks lived in Yorkshire (Knaresborough) for 10 years. Beautiful country, lovely people!

  3. Babs, I adore Kathy! She’s a darling! So happy you and Mo will get to meet her! (Now, I really would love to meet you guys too and I’m turning a bit green with envy!)

  4. 2008. Wow. That’s a lot of years.

    Too cool about Kathy and her hubby visiting for several days. I’m so glad you’re going to meet one of the Pilgrims from across the pond.

  5. I’m so happy for you Babs, and now it’s our turn to be envious! Lucky Kathy, getting to meet you and Mo. I’m sure you all will have a wonderful time!

  6. Babs, from the moment I heard that Kathy and Dave were going to meet you and Mo, I’ve been jumping up and down like a like crazy person; so happy and excited for you ALL!

    “I can’t quite believe anyone would go to the lengths Kathy and Dave have gone to AND cutting two days off their holiday, just to meet up with us.”

    OMG…of course they would. I would too if I were coming to Europe as well!

    I would LOVE to come there with Kathy and Meleah,because can you imagine the FUN we would all have? Meeting up with fellow-bloggers is the BEST feeling in the world.

    I am so happy and excited for you ladies!!!!

    And perhaps one day, I’ll get to meet you and Mo too!


  7. Babs, that is awesome. I am excited for you. I haven’t met any blogger friends in person, either but one is one my radar. She lives only 3 hours from my home…we just have to come up with a time.

    I hope you have great fun meeting Junk Drawer. I read her blog as well and she seems totally nice.

    • I always considered meeting blogger friends to be the biggest fringe benefit to blogging. I hate to even call them “blogger friends” because they’re really friends, doesn’t matter where we met! I hope you get to meet your friend in person. It really adds a wonderful layer to the whole blogging thing.

  8. Ooooh! How lovely!! I do love meeting up with bloggers and others I’ve met online. You meet some super people!

  9. So happy you guys are getting together. It is such fun to meet up with one’s blogging buddies. I know you’ll have a fantastic time, and I do look forward to the stories!

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