Photo blogging challenge – Festive

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December 2013 – Festive

I was going to enjoy taking these photos. It was an excuse to get out and about with my camera. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out that way. Firstly, we got our new kitten, that couldn’t be left alone for the first week. Then life events took over and when I did manage to get out I couldn’t find anything that took my fancy, or would make a good photo. We didn’t get to any carol services or Christmas events this year. Mo was poorly with a bad cold, which kept us in all over Christmas and now I have it. Because of this, my photos are all taken in our home, I’m afraid, but they are festive.

One of our Christmas tree ornaments. We bought a lot of tree ornaments especially styled after very old fashioned decorations. We loved the traditional look of them.

tree ornament

This next photo is one of our Christmas Fairies. I have no idea of where or why we bought this, as it’s too large for the top of any tree we would have. We use it as a Christmas ornament.

Christmas Fairy

Running out of ideas, I decided to try and get some fairy lights in. This is the garland on our fire surround. I deliberately blurred the lights, to make it a little more interesting. I like the way they are shining on the wall.

Christmas lights

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the turkey, so here is a shot of ours. It’s a lot smaller than usual, as we always have so much left over and there is only so many ways of eating left over turkey.


Lastly, here is a shot of one of the bunches of balloons we have, hanging from the ceiling.

I really hope I can get out with my camera soon. I miss it!
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  • Nice job, Babs! Sorry you had so many obstacles to getting out. I love the first one because I too enjoy an old timey Christmas. Less comical, more reserved. Hope you’re both feeling 100% soon. Tis the season to get sick. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before someone coughs on me.

    Happy New Year to you both! I won’t be ringing in the new year, I’m sure. I’ll be lucky if I can stay up until 10PM!

    • I don’t like all the ‘new’ colours they are using now, for Christmas, either. Give us the old fashioned Christmas every time.
      It’s not very often Mo and I get these colds that do the rounds. Unfortunately, we didn’t escape it this year. It’s on it’s way out now, so will be all good in the new year. We will stay up and Facetime my sister to see the new year in, but it will be another quiet one for us.

  • Not a Christmas person but I do love balloons and that photo of them! Yay! Happy New Year! (And when do we get to see kitty pics?)

    • I will post some photos of her very soon, I promise – Hopefully with balloons. She loves them too 🙂

  • Ron

    “We bought a lot of tree ornaments especially styled after very old fashioned decorations. We loved the traditional look of them.”

    Me too, Babs! There is nothing quite like traditional-looking tree ornaments!

    Okay, and your photograph of the turkey is beyond yummy! I could smell it and taste it from here HA!

    Great selection of photos! Love the shot of the fairy lights!

    Hope you and Mo are feeling better. Wishing you both a Happy, Happy New Year!

    X to you both!

    P.S. As Grace shared, I can’t wait to see photos of your new kitty!

    • Ron, We treasure those old fashioned ornaments more than any others. In fact the others never come out any more.
      I didn’t want to bore people with a cat post, but I think I will simply have to fulfil the requests for photos of her. She is adorable 😉
      Have a brilliant 2014, Ron!

  • Great set of photos, Babs. Getting outside is overrated this time of year anyway, so get well soon, and happy new year!

    • Thanks Mike. I can’t wait to go out for a nice walk. I feel like I’ve been trapped inside for too long 🙂

  • I’m sorry you have both been sick. That’s awful. I hope you are both feeling better soon.

    Have a wonderful day and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. 🙂

    • And the same to you, Sandee. We are getting there slowly 🙂

  • jo W

    You managed “festive” very well without leaving the house … i love the lights shot! I hope you recover quickly! Wishing you a “healthy” New Year!

  • ReformingGeek

    I just swallowed some green tea sending healing thoughts to your household! I hope they last the rest of this sickness season! I love your photos. I like that Christmas Ball and Cat is wanting that turkey. Burp. Balloons? Hm….I must try that next year. I wonder how Cat will like them. Hee Hee.

    • Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

      We have a very weird kitten, who loves to play with balloons, no matter how large. Even when they pop it doesn’t bother her. We can’t wait to let them all down for her at once!

  • I love your pictures. They look very festive for the season. I hope both you and Mo are feeling better and that the new kitty is settling in nicely. I am wishing for the best in 2014 for you and Mo. Have a very Happy New Year.

    • Thank you Cheryl. We are getting better by the day. It’s just this cough now. Jenny is settling in lovely and being a proper terror 😉
      We both wish you a very happy 2014.

  • Lisa

    Fantastic shots and very festive indeed! I had problems finding your page yesterday as well. The link went to a blank page too. But, today is a new day and all is well! Here’s to a wonderful new year of photo challenges. BTW: the old world Santa ornament is fantastic, and would love to have that angel. 🙂

    • I do believe my blog went down for a few hours yesterday. Jenny (our new kitten) wants that angel too, but she can’t have it! I’m hoping to get out with my camera more this year and looking forward to it.

  • Great pictures! I’m blogging a 365 photo project as part of my new 101 Things list. I’m pretty sure that 90% of the pics I take will be taken at 11:59 p.m., just to get in under the wire.

    • 365 blog posts? That’s a huge challenge! Good luck with that.

  • Lovely photos… and now it’s all over! You have a new kitten! Have I missed photos/news somewhere? How exciting! 🙂

    • I have promised a complete post dedicated to photos of our little Jenny. Next post up 🙂

  • swubird

    Hi Babs: Long time since I been to your place. Those are the best Christmas fotos I have ever seen. The turkey looks so good it makes me feel hungry.

    • Oh Swubird! How are you? I hope you and the queen are keeping well. I hope you have a great 2014!

  • Well, they’re pretty even if not the fun you had envisioned. Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    Happy new year!

  • I love love LOVE your pictures! My very favorite is the blurred lights… I looked at it for quite a while… real art! And turkey… MMMMMM!!!! I am currently on a three day juice fast and that turkey picture is killing me! 🙂

    • I liked the lights too. I took a few shots before I was happy with it. It was a bit like painting with a camera ha ha. Sorry about the turkey.

  • Paul

    wow. The old fashioned santa ornament is superb. The shot of the turkey is much, much better than a shot I took of the turkey cooking at Thanksgiving. That looks downright tasty.

  • ellie

    I love this fairy its gorgeous

  • Very festive. That is a unique Christmas ornament. It looks like it can talk to you. But that could be just me. Your photos are always amazing. I agree with Katherine about the blurred lights. Now, I’ve got a craving for turkey.

    • I must admit, being locked in the house, I did go mad taking photos of fairy lights (and the kitten).

      • I’m sorry you’re sick but am glad you’re feeling better.

  • For staying inside with your images, they came out well. I really love the ornament shot and the one of the lights. It ended up working well. Hope everyone is now feeling better!

    • Thanks, PJ. We are much better now, thank goodness. I will actually be able to get out and about – When it stops raining!

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Aw, Babs .. I’m so sorry to hear you were ill over Christmas. I hope you managed to enjoy it anyway – at least on some level. I thought I was going to be ill, because on the 23rd I had a sore throat, but it just disappeared!

    Looks like you had a wonderfully traditional Christmas. I love the tree, the ornaments, the turkey … but most of all that balloon shot! We used to decorate like that, with balloons and garlands and streamers, and cards hanging up on the walls with ribbons, and tinsel and the whole works, but it got so tedious taking it all down again, that it depressed us even in the process of putting it up! We’ve cut down a lot. Now I just decorate the mantle and mirror over the mantel, do the tree, and put out various Christmas ornaments and mats and candles. Jeffie would LOATHE the balloons and waving streamers anyway!

    New kitten? What fun!! I hope he or she is settling well!

    • We still had an enjoyable Christmas, Jay. It didn’t spoil it too much.
      We also used to have a huge amount of decorations – and not just one room. I even used to make my own ceiling decorations. We loved decorating, but we now only do what you do, with the addition of balloons, that hang from the light fitting. They are very easy to hang and get down, on hooks that I made especially for the job. We don’t have the will to climb up and down ladders anymore.
      We have a little Abyssinian kitten and she loves the balloons!

  • GeoKs

    A beautiful, traditional set of photographs. Makes me wish I’d taken a photo of our turkey dinner…I forgot at Thanksgiving, too! I’d have to say my most favourite is the one of the lights, particularly how you incorporated the reflections off the wall.

    Wishing you a healthy new year and hope you get outside with your camera in January as you explore the theme “new”.

    • Thank you. I rather like the lights too. I do like taking photos of lights.

  • I like your taste in Christmas ornaments. That “old world” Santa ornament is beautiful. Sorry you both were sick over Christmas. That really puts a crimp in the celebrating. But still you got some great shots. In the turkey photo I believe I see a couple of Christmas Crackers. Aren’t those fun?!

    • We bought our tree ornaments from a shop that sold nothing but Victorian Christmas decorations. In fact it may have been called ‘Victorian Christmas’. We have Christmas crackers every year, clinging on to our tradition, even though there are only two of us now ha ha!