Photo blogging challenge – People


November 2013 – People

When this is posted, I will be away, so can’t view or comment on any of your posts, unfortunately. I hope to get to it on Monday. I am sorry about that.

This month has been a very stressful month for us and I haven’t been able to get out and take photographs for this months photo blogging challenge. I had to grab an opportunity and use my mobile, as and when I could, so unfortunately they are not good quality.

This first photo was taken at the beginning of the month, when we went out for a brisk walk. Lots of people walk here with, or without, their dogs. It’s a lovely long stretch, with beautiful surroundings, so a good walking spot.

walking the dog

Mo spotted this chap, sitting waiting for his wife, while she did the shop, I expect.  He looked like a bit of a character, with his trousers tucked into his socks. I doubt he came on a bike, as he has a walking stick with him and beside, his wife would have to ride cross bar!


The next photo was taken with my Canon. I noticed these chaps, working on the roof across from our house and quickly grabbed my camera, but taking a photo between the gaps in the vertical blind wasn’t easy. I’m sure one of them spotted me, so I had to stop at one photo and make the most of it. I didn’t want a knock on the door, by angry workmen.


I had an appointment at the eye hospital. The only other chance I had to get a couple of photos in before I go away, so again, they are secret shots on my mobile.

Sitting outside the hospital, maybe waiting for her lift home?


A couple of nurses having a break and a chat.


I’m sorry this month the photos are all a bit rushed and not good quality, but I promise to do better next month.


I didn’t get away for the weekend, after all. My back has given out on me and I couldn’t do the journey. So disappointed.



  • I think your photographs are just fine. So there.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ???

  • I too had to resort to my camera phone on a couple of shots. I’m kinda partial to your first image with all of the fall color from the trees in the background.

  • Mike Davis

    This is a nice collection of candids. I like the “spy cam” feel of some of them. Your stories for them make them even better. I like how the workers on the scaffolding are arranged.

    • Ha ha! It really was like a spy cam! I don’t have the confidence to just take photos of strangers, so set my phone on silent and took them very sneakily 🙂

  • jo W

    I like your candids … some of them are quite interesting … I hope your back heals quickly

  • Ron

    Babs, I LOVE this shots! And you know me, I love ‘people shots’ so I especially enjoyed these photographs! It blows me away that you took some of these with your mobile phone because they are super! Sometimes when I see photographs that were taken with a cell phone, I can hardly believe it because they look as though a real camera was used!

    That first shot of the couple walking their dogs is just lovely. What beautiful color you captured!

    Sorry to hear about your back and missing your trip. Hope you mend quickly, my friend.

    (((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))

    X to you and Mo!

    • Hi Ron. Mobile shots are so good now, but it’s when you look up close, you can tell. The iPhone takes great video too. One of my main reasons for having one is for the camera and video. Oh, and for the odd phone call 😉

  • What a character, the guy with his pants tucked into his socks. Great catch, Mo. It’s wonderful to capture pictures of people in their natural or unnatural habitats. I think you did quite well. Love the picture of the couple walking their dogs. That looks like a great place to take a walk.

    Feel better!

    • Mo does have a good eye for things and often nudges me to take photos of things I have missed. I’ve never been comfortable taking photos of people, so my mobile was the best way forward.

  • Oh I absolutely LOVE THESE!!! I laughed out loud at this: but taking a photo between the gaps in the vertical blind wasn’t easy.
    I’m sure one of them spotted me, so I had to stop at one photo and make
    the most of it. I didn’t want a knock on the door, by angry workmen.

    And about that particular picture? I will take the guy on the top left. Pleaseee???? 🙂

    The last two pictures are especially intriguing to me… just wonderful!

    • Katherine. You should have seen me, skulking behind the blind, trying not to make it move with my lens! I felt like the paparazzi.

  • Paul

    I love how all your shots tell a story. I think your shot of the man waiting while is wife shops is my favorite of the bunch.

    • I think that is my favourite too. So glad Mo spotted him 🙂

  • I’m already missing the fall colours now that the first snow has landed. Also, I’m thinking that pants guy is maybe showing off his socks, or trying to prevent them from getting snagged in something. Ok. I’ll admit that I have no idea why someone would dress like that, unless they’re cross-country skiing. And I don’t see any snow 😉

    • Nope. No snow. I think he was just a bit eccentric, maybe.

  • liudmila

    Fall colors… Winter colors, for us… We have winter now. Rain, rain and rain. I like to read your posts with such “live” photos. It’s so interesting to see how is the life in other places. Ahhh… I miss sunny days…

    • Hi Liudmila! I think we are getting our winter now. They say the coldest and longest for many years!

  • Lovely photos Babs. Even the ones taken with your cellphone.

    Sorry you weren’t able to get away this weekend. Here’s hoping your back feels better ASAP!

  • I’m totally confused how the photo challenge works, but I enjoyed your tour, regardless.

    • Hi Margaret! It’s just a bunch of photos, on a given subject. Fun to do.

  • Great photos Beetle. Tucked in socks are a definite sign of an old fuddy duddy. You did good. I remember a blog challenge once where you had to photograph & post the pictures of 100 strangers over a certain period. I thought about it but felt too self concious of taking photos of total strangers. You couldn’t just take them from a distance as you had to actually approach them & ask permission to photograph them & get their 1st names & a bit about each one to post with the photos. I chickened out of that challenge.

    • Oh, so would I chicken out of that! That’s like the ‘People of America’ chap. Takes courage to do that and I’m a coward with my camera 😉

  • I like how some of these photos have that “secret” feel to them. Kind of gives it an interesting quality to them! 😀

    • They were definitely taken secretly. I am not a ‘people’ photographer, unless I know them.

  • ReformingGeek

    I love the human interest photos and stories. I’m sorry about your back. I hope it is better!

  • I love shots that are of people doing real life things. I think it would be great fun to have a spy camera that you could snap up pictures and people wouldn’t know. …you know like a camera that looks like an ink pen or something. I would be taking a lot more pictures if I wouldn’t ever get caught.

    • I’m sure you can get cameras hidden in every day items, though I don’t know how good they would be. I often see scenes that would make a great shot, but I don’t have the courage to take photos. Still, my iPhone seemed like a fairly good way to do it.

  • I like the shots! There is something amazing about just catching people doing what they do. Really quite poetic! Also, one of those roof men is quite attractive!

    • I must admit that I like to see shots of people, just going about their business. I’m going to try and be braver, in future.

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