They came, they laughed, they left!

The day had finally arrived, when Kathy and Dave were coming to Sheffield to meet up with us. We picked them up at 10am on Thursday. Here we are at the station, not quite believing that they were actually here.

pick up

The first thing Kathy said to me, after we hugged was, “You’re so tiny”. I expect five foot one and a half (Yes, the half matters) inches is a tad short, but I’m used to it.

We drove the twenty minutes back home and by the time we got in, it was as if we had known each other for years.

The first thing on the agenda was a full English breakfast, followed by a lot of chatter. Well, it was chatter all the way through the meal, if I’m honest.


Mo and Dave really clicked. It was quite amazing. They became bosom buddies by the end of the two days. Kathy and I chatted non stop and I have no idea what we chatted about all the time.Β  In almost all of the photos Mo took, we were deep in conversation!Β  Here we are at a country pub, where they have lots of peacocks that wander around everywhere when the weather is good. We got a few photos of them.

the Strines

We took them to a few places, to soak in the views and relax after their tiring days in Paris and London. Here we are in the grounds of a stately home. We went for a lovely walk there.


You can see how close Dave and Mo were in this photo.



I think they fell in love with England and the English countryside.Β  We knew they would.

We took them out for a traditional meal of Fish & Chips and I must say it was the best I’d had for a long time.


All too quickly the two days came to an end and we had to wave them off on the train. Here we are at Sheffield station again. Doesn’t this photo look like a paparazzi shot of a movie star?


goodbye Kathy

This is the last we saw of Kathy – Inside the train that had just departed for Manchester Airport.

We had a fantastic two days, that seemed like a whole week, we did so much. I can’t believe how quickly we bonded. It was as if we had always been friends and we already miss them. They have promised to come back again and we can’t wait.

I took hundreds of photos but, obviously can only post a few. Besides, I have to run them past Kathy to OK them and she’s very fussy about what you are allowed to see. Come to think of it, so am I.

  • Oh, Babs!!!! I love love love love love LOVE love love love this!!

    I am beyond thrilled you guys finally met in real life. This is TOTALLY SUPER AWESOME!

    And, Kathy – you look FANTASTIC in all of these photos!

    • I know! We kept saying that we couldn’t believe it! It was so weird, yet didn’t feel weird, as Kathy said πŸ™‚ Kathy’s hair is to die for too!

      • I love Kathy’s hair too! Of course she hates it!


        • Why do we always hate what we have?

          • I don’t know!! LOL!!!

          • But you don’t have to wake up to this mop every day and decide how you want to deal with it. Do you fight it or let it win? Hee.

          • But Kathy, you should try fighting with a few strands of dead straight hair every day!

  • But you ARE tiny! I didn’t mean short tiny, petite tiny, you know, like I wish I was. Ugh. Don’t get me started again talking about my size. For now, I’m just ignoring my own photos. If I don’t look at them, they don’t exist. Now, I notice how you didn’t tell anyone about my crappy attempt at a British accent, that I have an unhealthy preoccupation with sheep and that I was convinced Mo was gonna get us killed driving on the wrong side of the road (wrong for me). Thanks for making this post a lot more lovely and less what a lunatic crazy person you have confirmed me to be. I owe you more Peeps for that.

    • Oh for goodness sake! I forgot those bits! I meant to tell all, but had so many things going on while writing this post up, I completely forgot! I might do a follow up post now, so there! It may well feature my Peeps, if I have any left.

      • Oh, wasn’t suggesting a follow up post. Just laughing about how nice you were in avoiding all the things that make me one weird person and you could have put me right back on a train an hour after meeting me if you had any sense at all. Hee.

        • Did I not show enough of my madness? I may have been holding back on you, for fear of frightening you away ha ha!

          • Don’t worry, on our next visit you can really let lose. You are fun and funny and I can’t imagine you being any more loony. Love you the way you are!

          • Oh, I can be. Next time, you may well see even more πŸ˜‰

    • The truth is, Mo and I are surrounded by thousands of sheep, yet every spring we go like silly kids when we see all the baby lambs. I am always taking photos.

  • What fun! I love connecting IRL with my blogging buddies. Funny how quickly the bonding happens. Glad you had such a great time.

    • Oh, we did, but Kathy has reminded me of all the zany stuff that went on, so a follow-up post may be in order now πŸ™‚

      • Oh wait now. I have to approve everything. Remember the vetting process I put you through? Counts for everything. I should have made you sign a legal document too.

    • Jayne — I agree, it’s one of blogging life’s greatest joys, getting to meet people you’ve grown to love only online. It’s amazing and we were so happy to make this trip to Sheffield a reality. So fun I wish it was a longer stay.

  • I loved journeying with you on FB – Reading your comments, updates and observing every pixel on every photo.

    I have been so out of the loop lately – but I am very happy for all of you

    And congratulations on the new car !
    Did you sell the old white one ?

    • Hi Jaffer! How are you? It has been a long time!

      Our car is leased, so we change it every 3 years.

      • I am fine Babs. Work life and family life has taken me over leaving me less time for social networking.
        It’s getting more and more difficult to get back into my old “routine” of twittering, commenting and… blogging.

        • Jaffer. Real life happens. I think a lot of us have slowed down with our blogging and I can’t remember when I last tweeted πŸ˜‰

  • Comedy Plus

    I’ve got news for you…You loved them before they showed up so it was easy to feel at home.

    I’m so happy you all had a great time and I’m sure you’ll want to meet other bloggers now too. How fun indeed.

    Have a fabulous day. πŸ™‚

    • You’re probably right, but it was a new and wonderful experience for us πŸ™‚

  • I am so glad you had a great visit. Your pictures are wonderful. I think we can all agree that Kathy’s hair is awesome….and all of your look fantastic in the pictures.

    • How can Kathy not like her hair? It’s so soft and silky. I’m jealous πŸ˜‰

  • I’ve got blimey envy. It looks like you all had such a great time. What fun. That’s what makes blogging so special. Meeting such amazing people.

    • Blimey envy? Ha ha! Never heard that one before. We did have a great time. It felt like a week, we did so much, yet it was a more relaxed pace for them. I’d never met so many lovely people until I started blogging πŸ™‚

  • Ron


    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! I was SO WAITING for this post, Babs! And thank you so much for letting us know about Google not updating because I didn’t receive your post except for this one.

    OMG…I am sooooo loving these photos of you, Mo, Kathy and Dave!

    And each and everyone of you looks faaaaaaaaabulous!!!!!

    As I was reading how excited you were meeting one another, I remembered last June, when Kathy, Meleah, Valerie and I met for the first time. It was soooooo exciting! Isn’t meeting blogging friends the BEST???

    Babs, you ARE tiny! But so am I. I’m only 5’7″. Hey, I love that burgandy/pink jacket you’re wearing in the photos!

    Oh, how I wish I could have been there with you all!

    “Doesn’t this photo look like a paparazzi shot of a movie star?”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, it does!!!

    And Kathy, you look great as well. LOVE your curly hair. But, I’ve told you that before.

    Babs, thanks so much for sharing your meeting and photos with us.

    GREAT post!!!!

    Much X to you and Mo!

    P.S. and one of these days, I’m going to meet you two!

    • It really was the best time ever! Kathy said, when she was here, that we ought to meet up with you one day, we would love you. We already knew that! It would be another dream come true, if we did meet you!

      • Ron

        Aw…thanks Kathy! Thank you, Babs!

        And I KNOW I would love you too. I already do!

        Yup…I have a feeling we WILL meet!

        X ya, my friend!

  • Oh I am SO GLAD you posted pictures… I was really excited when i heard about you meeting! Thank you for the smiles… for sharing these wonderful memories you have. LOVE them!

    • I took about 150 photos, so have plenty of memories. It was very exciting for us too!

  • This whole post makes me smile. You guys all looks so happy! I’m so glad you finally got to meet another blogger, Babs. And I think it’s even more special that the blogger was one you’ve known since your early blogging days!

    • I didn’t ever think I would, living in the UK, so it was a very special thing for us πŸ™‚ Now we are hopeful of a repeat of the experience.

      • There WILL be a repeat, Babs! Dave keeps talking about going back to London. I can see that happening as soon as next summer, so be ready if you get another email from me that the Americans are coming!

        • Oh boy! That will be great! We will (like the boy scouts motto) “be prepared”.

  • What a lovely time you had together. It’s wonderful to meet in person those you’ve come to know online. I’m glad it was everything you hoped for and more. Great pics, too!!

    • We did have a lovely time, Linda. We can’t wait to do it again one day πŸ™‚

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Oh, how wonderful!! I’m so glad you all hit if off so well! It was the same when OH and I met our Italian friends, Paola and Umberto. I’d met Paola online in a conversation exchange site and we’d chatted by Skype.

    I love making new, real-life friends from internet friends. Kathy and Dave look GREAT and you have some wonderful photos and memories. And yes, that photo definitely looks like a paparazzi shot! How funny!

    • It was fun, Jay and something I didn’t think would ever happen. It proves that we should never say never.