Photo Blogging Challenge – Baseball


July 2014

This month’s Photo Blogging Challenge is Baseball

This has been a really hard prompt for me. Baseball is not a British sport, so I’m not likely to find the odd baseball (or anything to do with the game) floating about for me to photograph.  I have had to think really hard to come up with anything and I only made four photos.

This is a photo of the little ball on the peg of the ‘bass’ string of my guitar. I claim ‘Bass Ball’.

Bass ball 1

This next photo is of our temperature gauge. I can’t remember what it’s called now, so if any of you know, maybe you can remind me. If the base ball was at the top, it would be very cold indeed.  Thankfully, I’ve never seen it anywhere, but at the base. Although it’s not a perfect ball, I claim ‘Base Ball’

Base ball 2

I was out into the garden and had my iPhone with me, when I noticed the cat’s ping-pong ball laying on the grass. It was at the base of our washing pole. I claim ‘Base Ball’

Base ball 3

This fourth photo was taken while sitting out in the garden in the hot sunshine (hence the bad photo). This is not a ball, as such, but a balloon that has deflated. Jenny loves playing with balloons and this one had floated down the garden. It was laying at the base of our hedge. I claim ‘Base Ball’

baseball 4

If I find another photo opportunity before time runs out, I will add it. If not, I’m sorry, but four will be my contribution this month.

For more photos in this challenge, click the link at the top of the post.

  • Ron

    Babs, not being a sports fan myself, I would have had such a hard time coming up with photographs for this theme, but you did AWESOME!

    Loved them all! That first one of the little ball on the peg of the ‘bass’ string of your guitar was flawless!

    VERY clever!

    Well done, my friend!

    X to you and Mo!

    P.S. Did you get a new commenting format?

    • beetlebl

      This month really had me stumped, Ron. It was hard 🙂

    • beetlebl

      Ron, I updated Disqus and this is what happened??? I don’t like it.

  • I too think you did an outstanding job on this prompt. Yes indeed.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs to you and Mo. 🙂

    • beetlebl

      Thanks, Sandee. Not an easy one 🙂

  • Oh my. You are clever indeed! We have one of those thermometers, a Galileo. Coolness.

    Cat loves to play with ping-pong balls, when he’s in the mood!

    Deflated balloon? Good one.

    • beetlebl

      That’s right a Galileo! I went around searching for balls of any kind, all month!

  • You did very well in the absence of a sport foreign to Britain. I love that temperature thingy. So colourful.

    • beetlebl

      I tried, but it didn’t come easily 😉

  • HOLY COW! You are so incredibly smart – these are the most clever photos I have seen. I LOVE how you put baseball in all of them. It took a minute for me to get the temperature one… and then when I did I was totally blown away. EXCELLENT TAKE ON BASEBALL!!!

    • beetlebl

      It was all I could do, under the circumstances. It was a hard one this month.

  • I think you did a marvelous job at the interpretation! Very ingenious!

    • beetlebl

      I’m hoping next month it won’t quite so difficult for me.

  • michele

    Love your “I claim” perspective.

  • There is a glitch with my previous comments, but I hope to have them all back soon 🙂

  • GeoKs

    You brought a lot of determination and creativity to the July theme. I had a hard time with it but we do have major league baseball in Canada, Little League, etc. Can’t imagine how much harder it was given you don’t even have baseball there. Regardless, I really enjoyed your “I claim” approach – a “home run” IMHO!

    • Ha ha! I’ll accept a ‘Home Run’, even though I’m not quite sure what it means 🙂

  • I think you took a clever approach to this theme, which is what I had hoped some people would do. A theme is just one for someone to think their own way. I have one for the fall that I can’t wait to see what people do with it! 😀

    Nicely done, Babs. I liked it!

    • Thanks, P.J. I just couldn’t manage a fifth photo with this one though.

  • I’d say you scored a home run with this one…very creative take on this theme.

  • Your base ball photos are very entertaining!
    Followed you from Ron’s blog. 🙂

    • Hi Jean and Welcome to my little home. Feel free to browse around and blow the cobwebs away as you go 🙂