Photo Blogging Challenge – Black and White

Top-banner.jpgSeptember 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – Black and White

I would have liked to take part in this challenge, but I have been far too busy, preparing for our wedding, to go out taking photos. When this post goes live I will be away on honeymoon. Just four days away, but it will be very enjoyable, to spend time at the coast again.

As a token gesture for this challenge and as a follow up from the ‘colourful’ post, I give you a few, very old, black and white portraits of mine.  I only have four. I have lost so many paintings and drawing over the years.  I hope this makes up for my lack of getting out there, with my camera and I promise to do better next month.

The first is a copy of a Rembrandt self portrait. This was one of my first and technically not very good.

Rembrandt Self Portrait

Rembrandt Self Portrait

This next one is of Joan Baez. This was an old LP cover shot. Unfortunately, I glued the paper to board and over time the glue yellowed and bled through the paper. I tried to remove the yellowing in Photoshop, but it was hard to do without removing some of the actual pencil work.

Joan Baez - Album shot

Joan Baez – Album shot

This next one was something I wanted to try out. It’s from a famous painting (I can’t remember the artist) called ‘Veronica’s Cloth’.  If you stare at the eyes, they will appear shut at first and then they will be open (or the other way around).  It’s not too easy to see in this small version, but I had to take it off our wall, because it unnerved some visitors.

Veronica's Cloth

Veronica’s Cloth

Finally, this little girl was a commission for a well known hairdresser in a London salon. I never met him, or knew who he was. It was all handled through my boss at the time who, no doubt, made a very handsome profit on my meagre charge.

Portrait commission

Portrait commission

My apologies for not sticking to the rules, but I think I had a good enough excuse, this time.

If you want to see more black and white entries, just click the graphic at the top of the post.

  • Ron

    Babs, your talent amazes me because you are so gifted in so many ways – photography, graphic art, web design, painting and drawing. All four of these are so impressive. I’ve seen the painting (Veronica’s Cloth) before in art books and yours is so beautiful. And yes, I do see the eyes both closed and open. And the last one of you did on commission blows me away because it’s so real it looks like a photograph. WOW!

    Thank you for sharing these, my friend. Hope you and Mo are having a fantabulous time on your honeymoon!

    X to you both

  • I had to stare for a very long time to see the eyes open. Way cool. I can’t see why that would unnerve folks though. It’s your house. I’m just saying.

    I loved all these. Very nicely done if you ask me and a very good reason to leave the camera out of the mix this go around.

    Have a fabulous day. ?

  • I am gobsmacked!

  • Wow, Babs, I never knew. Amazing. What a talent you’re sharing with us. I love the Joan Baez piece in particular. Of course you’ve got a great excuse this month. I hope you and Mo are having a great honeymoon. Congratulations.

  • These are amazing! Such a fantastic talent you have! Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon x

  • Your “technically not very good work” kicks my very best line drawing across the room and stomps on it. Love it!

  • FerdC

    Absolutely awesome! I am able to appreciate this so much more now that Gail and I are starting to draw. Beautiful, Babs!

  • WAIT. You DREW THESE?!?!? As in you DREW DREW DREW these?! For REAL!??!?! YOU ARE SO AMAZINGLY TALENTED!!! HOLY COW!!!!!! Really!?!

    The Jesus one IS creepy. I kept scrolling up and down and up and down watching the eyes open first and then close. That is CRAZY cool… and creepy too. So funny you had to take it down.

    You need to do a portrait of your beautiful new cat!!!

  • Paul Myers

    Those are some excellent drawings. I liked what you did with the theme this month. Congratulations on your wedding as well.

  • Lisa

    Absolutely amazing talent! These are perfect for the challenge. I can see where the drawing of JC might be a bit disturbing…but that was probably intended? No? And the hair on that last child….oh boy…I’d hate to comb that in the morning! 🙂 Congrats on the wedding and hope your honeymoon was lovely!

  • ReformingGeek

    Wow, such talent! These are fantastic. I think you are forgiven for not taking photos!

  • Congrats and I hope you had a wonderful time away! 😀