Photo Blogging Challenge – One

Top-banner.jpgMarch 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – One

It was a lovely, sunny day, so we went out for a long walk. Of course I took my camera, to see if I could get some shots for this challenge. I managed to get a few.  There were lots of ducks on the reservoir, but I noticed this one duck, all on it’s own and snapped it quickly, before the rest came swimming by.

One duck

Further along, we saw this. I have no idea why someone carried this all the way from the road and stuck it on a pole, but maybe it was just so I could get a shot of one bollard.

One bollardOn the way home I saw one plastic bag caught up in a tree. As the weather had been so windy, leading up to this day, I’m surprised there was only one.

one plastic bag

And here we have what I was looking for. A house number. It was a real struggle trying to find one, with my bad eyesight, I can tell you.

No 1

Jenny loved the little tunnel we bought her, so Mo bought another……and another…….and another, until we had five of them. A Double and four singles. She then tied them all together to make one long tunnel. Yes, Jenny loved it, but we had to take a couple off in the end. It was just too long.

One tunnel

That’s my five for this month and if you want to see more of this photo challenge, just click the graphic below.


  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Darn it – I’d forgotten all about this photo challenge! I’m going to see if it’s too late to join in! Five photos, right?

    Love your collection, and actually, my favourite is the house number – probably because we lived at one time in No. 1 St Peter’s Terrace and it reminded me of the early days of our marriage. 🙂

    • Yes, five photos and I just know that you can do it 🙂

      • Jay of The Depp Effect

        I did!! 🙂

  • You found a blue Windy!!!!!

    • I did! I did! And I thought of Windy at the time (R.I.P) I will always think of Windy now, when I see a bag in a tree.

  • ReformingGeek

    Nice picks for this challenge! My cat wants to play in that tunnel.

    • I think any cat would like to play in that tunnel, though our cat, Mitzie, has shown no interest in it.

  • Ron

    SUPER selections of ONE, Babs!

    And I KNEW Kathy would comment on the plastic bag…Windy!!!

    Love the photo of the house number. Brava!

    And I have to tell you that I had one of those tunnel thingies when I was a kid and loved it! They remind me of a long caterpillar!

    Well done, Babs!

    X to you and Mo!

    • I couldn’t help but think of Windy either, Ron 😉

  • Are you telling me that Mo is spoiling your new kitty? I’m thinking that’s what she’s doing.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs to you both. ???

  • GeoKs

    Loved all the bright colours in your photo collection this month. And thanks for teaching me a new word = bollard. Here, we call them pylons.

    • Oh boy! In the UK, pylons are huge metal frameworks for telephone cables 🙂

  • Those outdoor shots are amazing – so bright and crisp…and sunny. I’m very jealous.

    • Don’t be. You will, no doubt, have a better summer than us 😉

  • Kathy L

    You did a great job on this month’s theme! Good eye!

  • Paul Myers

    I can’t decide which one I like better, your lone duck shot or the pure “Oneness” of Number 1 St. Mary’s. I think I’ll go for the duck, since you had to be quick about it so that other ducks wouldn’t ruin the shot.

    • Yes, I did have to be quick. The others were heading our way, fast.

  • I love Mo’s idea of making a huge tunnel for Jenny. Completely cracked me up. I’m so glad you found a house and it was this one because that sign is just lovely.

    • Getting Jenny has given Mo a new lease on life ha ha! The house number was on such a lovely stone built house too, but I had to crop it, to show the number.

  • Izzy

    Love the photo of the duck!

    • I always take photos of the duck, but they are not easy for me to capture, in focus. It may have something to do with my cataracts ha ha!

  • Hey Babs, you found some great examples of “one”. The sign was perfect, and I know Jenny loved the tunnel. Our cats would just sleep in it…ah the energy of a kitten.

    • We had forgotten how energetic kittens are. I think Jenny is far more so than our other kittens. There is nowhere that she doesn’t jump and she runs at the speed of light 🙂

  • Nicely done. Love the first pic with the stones disappearing into the murky deep.

    • It’s hard to imagine that murky deep will be our drinking water soon.

  • I have something to say about each one of these! First of all, the duck… that is such a neat picture. I love the swirl in the water too. I bet he was hoping you had some popcorn in your pocket! The cone picture blew me away, as it looks like it could have come off my own camera. I was hiking with a friend in the woods and we came a cross a cone just like that… I took several pictures and it even looks like the same type of woods. So you KNOW I love that one! The bag reminds me of two days ago after we had a lot of wind. I was driving my daughter to school and we passed a cluster of trees, EACH with a bag caught in the branches. It was funny! I applaud you for number one, because I looked for signs with “1” and couldn’t find one! And finally the kitty tunnel. I WANT A KITTY TUNNEL!!! 🙂

    • Would you believe me if I told you we had a bag full of broken biscuits for them and they devoured the lot 🙂 You too, can have a tunnel like that 🙂

  • Mike Davis

    I’m a big fan of the duck, as well. The traffic cone in the woods is pretty unique. Bollard? I’ve learned a new word.

    • We regularly go to see the ducks. It’s calming to watch them. I think I’ve posted a few ‘unknown’ words on my blog over the years 😉

  • Lisa

    Great selection! I love the colors in the lone duck shot. Great eye to spy the bag in the tree. I also wonder about the person who put the cone on the pole….perhaps they knew you needed that shot? 🙂

    • I think maybe it was just for me to get the shot too 🙂

  • Your photos are always just so interesting. Things that are unexpected but make such great photos. The little house number plaque is so quaint. Really a cute shot. …but all your pics are great.

    • And each month I think my shots are rubbish, compared to all the others 🙂

      • I totally disagree. I find your shots interesting. Things that are right out in the open but quirky and easily missed by most of us rushing through life. I would rather see an interesting walkway or doorway, for example than I would a standard, run of the mill rose bush. Not that the rose bush isn’t pretty but don’t most rose bushes look pretty much the same.

        • I see your point. Ok I will graciously accept your compliment 😉

  • Here’s my “one”. And, I have a number of “ones” that are looking for love … You can find out more about Bulldozer here: The caption for this photo is “I wanna be your lover puss.” Cheers!

  • SarahMKraatz

    you found some great examples of “one”. The sign was perfect, and I know Jenny loved the tunnel. Our cats would just sleep in it…ah the energy of a kitten.

  • I’ve been trying to comment here for days thinking something is wrong, but I am now trying Chrome instead of Safari – let’s see if it works now!

    • Really? I wonder why it doesn’t work with Safari?

  • YES! It worked, so now I know there’s something wrong with Safari, very annoying to have to keep switching browsers..

    I was going to comment on the tunnels, I think my cats would love those all together. We have just a single one..

    • I stopped using that Safari too. Something wasn’t compatible with it. Our cats have always loved the tunnels, but Mo went overboard with this one ha ha!

  • Summer Love’s moment in heaven (on earth).

  • My favorite is the last because I love the cat tail sticking out!

    • You know, I hadn’t even noticed that. Just shows you how our cats become so much part of our home that we no longer notice photo bombing.

  • Did you quite blogging? It’s been a long time since you posted. I hope all is going well and you’re just taking a break. 🙂

    • Hi Sandee. I haven’t quit, as such, but I have had so much other stuff going on that blogging has taken a back seat. Everything is fine and dandy here 🙂