Photo Blogging Challenge – Smile

Top-banner.jpgApril 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – Smile

This month has been a whirlwind of events for me, so I am late with this post. I managed to get a couple of photos taken.  The first one is of Mo’s smile.

smile 1

and the second one was when we went for a coffee, while shopping.  I tried to get the smile of the waitress, but she didn’t smile.

smile 2

We popped round to see my sister and I had my phone ready as she opened the door. Good job she isn’t a miserable person.

smile 3

Then I had go in for a cataract operation.  While waiting I suddenly looked down at my foot and smiled. They asked what size feet I had and before I could say anything, Mo said “Large”, remembering that I had broad feet. I only take a size 4 (uk) shoe, making my feet small.  They looked like canoes!

smile 4

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see much at all after the op, making it impossible to take photos for a couple of weeks. Just when my eye cleared, I went away for the weekend.

I’m hoping I will be forgiven for adding a photo that was taken on 31st March, to make up the 5th shot. Mo came home with the shopping and before she could unpack it, Jenny jumped up and into the carrier bag. That DID make us smile.

smile 5

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  • Cats can be weird, can’t they. Great pics/ Glad the cataract surgery went well.

    • Yes, it has gone really well, even though they said my sight had been damaged, it’s still better than it was and improving daily 🙂

  • Good news on the eyes. And the cat pic? How can I not like the cat pic? 🙂

  • Ron

    GREAT selection of smile photos, Babs 🙂

    LOVED the one of your sister because she genuinely looks like such a happy and nice person. And I love the color of her front door!

    I died laughing at “They looked like canoes!” My feet are small too, but wide, which is why I have such a challenging time finding shoes that fit.

    A guy I work with just had cataract surgery too. They did one eye, then the other. And what’s amazing is that since then, he hasn’t had to wear glasses.

    Jenny is such a gorgeous cat. WOW!

    X to you and Mo!

    • Unfortunately I have to wait 16 weeks for my second eye. Still, when you don’t have to pay, and it’s only a routine op, we can’t complain eh? I’m hoping it will be done and healed by September. I want to see the people’s faces 😉

  • Lisa

    A waitress that won’t smile?! Can you say “no tip”? 🙂 yes, those shoes do look like canoes on your feet….or skis? I had quite the Cheshire Cat smile when I saw your kitty in the bag. Great selection. Hope your cataract surgery went well.

    • This cat is like no other cat we’ve had before. She gets up to all sorts and make Mo and I really laugh. Thank you. My surgery went very well, I am glad to say.

  • So that’s why you’ve not been blogging. Your shoes are too big. Just kidding. I love all the shots and especially the shot of Jenny. She’s one beautiful cat.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs to you both. 🙂

    • I have been (and still am) very busy organising a really special event for us, so blogging is suffering a bit. I expect I’ll get back to it before long though 🙂

  • Paul Myers

    What is it about cats and bags?

    • The love them, though we do have one cat that is scared of them and runs whenever she hears one!

  • I love every single one of your pictures… they are fantastic!!!! Mo’s smile made me grin ear to ear. And of course COFFEE makes me smile every-single-time.

    I still can’t get over Jenny. She looks SO SO SOFT….. she is just gorgeous!

    • Jenny is a gorgeous cat, but she won’t let me cuddle her. I’m hoping she will grow into that.

  • GeoKs

    Fun photos for April with some great smiles I sure enjoy learning about all the participants’ lives, including yours – and can’t wait to read all about the “special event” you mentioned in reply to one of the other comments.

    • Oh, I may well post about it, once it happens 🙂

  • Lovely pics..Sorry you’ve had to have another op!

    Jenny is sooo beautiful! I love how cats always have to get in any bag or box 🙂

    • It was only a cataract op, but I couldn’t see for a while. It doesn’t always matter if the boxes are large enough either 😉

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    What is it with cats and bags? That’s really funny!

    Well done on the photo challenge. Some beautiful smiles there – I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of Leeta without a smile on her face!

    • jenny is the funniest cat we’ve ever had! Leeta does try to keep happy, even when she has a problem. I think it keeps you younger 🙂

  • MandyREverson

    I died laughing at “They looked like canoes!” My feet are small too, but wide, which is why I have such a challenging time finding shoes that fit.

  • Those slippers and the cat had me howling! Mo has such a lovely smile as does your sister. I’m so glad you’re on the mend, back to dumbrobics, and are seeing so much better.

    • Sorry, I missed this comment, somehow!

      Those slippers made me howl too 😉 My eye is back to normal now, though this is my bad eye, so the vision isn’t perfect. The second op should do the trick!

  • My foster dog Princess Bree gives great smiles. For the first month she was with me she hardly moved or looked at me. She’d lock her legs whenever I tried to walk her. Often I’d have to pick her up and carry her home half way through the walk! These days she cuddles and charms and smiles, lots and lots of smiles for me and most peeps she meets.

  • Those slippers would make anyone’s feet look odd.

    Mo and your sister both have such wonderful smiles.

    As for the cat in the bag, who wouldn’t smile as that. So cute!

    • I must admit the slippers made me chuckle, even before I put them on and as for Jenny. She makes us laugh all the time 🙂

  • Your sister’s smile made me smile too! Her whole face lights up. Jenny is so beautiful! Is she an Abyssinian?

    • Yes, she’s an Abyssinian and the most unusual and self willed cat we’ve had so far 😉

  • Great pictures for the photo challenge. Your smiles made me smile, and Jenny is so cute!