Photoblogging Challenge – ‘Tis The Season


December 2014

This months photo blogging challenge is – ‘Tis The Season

On 1st December, it was Mo’s birthday and I planned to take her out for a meal. That day the Coca-Cola Truck was in Sheffield, so I thought it would be nice to go and see it, to get into the Christmas spirit. It was a great time, in the city of Sheffield, with lots of lovely light displays, a santa’s Grotto and the Coca Cola Truck was a great addition, along with singers, dressed in santa costumes.


I decided to do a bit of sewing and make some Christmas cushion covers. It is the first bit of sewing I’ve done for many years and I did surprisingly well, though Jenny just had to help me out.


Mo decided to cook the Christmas ham a few days before Christmas. She sliced it and bagged it up in the freezer, to save on cooking time Christmas day. I have to say, it was/is a delicious bit of ham.


Here is one of the old favourites. A fibre optic lamp. Mo bought a couple for Christmas and I took this photo of one of them at night time. In fact I took lots of photos of it, showing all the colour variation and made a short movie of them. I used the Ken Burns effect and some classical music as the sound track.


Finally, a photo I took whilst out on our boxing day walk. It was very overcast and cold and this was the only photo that was remotely any good.


Check out the other photos in this challenge, by clicking the graphic at the top of this post.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

EDIT: Here is the requested link to the movie I made:

  • Ron

    What a great selection of ‘Tis the Season photos, Babs! You really captured the essence of the season.

    LOVE the Coca-Cola truck in the first shot. And I laughed at the one of Jenny. Isn’t it funny how cats like to get wrapped up in things, like paper bags and boxes? When I first looked at the photo of the fibre optic lamp, I thought you had taken a photo of a constellation in the sky!

    That final photograph is just stunning! It looks like a scene from a movie.

    Well done, my friend!

    X to you and Mo

    P.S. And please tell Mo I said, “Happy Belated Birthday!”

    • Thanks, Ron. I took so many of the fibre optic lamp. I was mesmerized by it ha ha!

  • How fun. You walked us right through December. Loved the shots too.

    We had a lovely Christmas too. Very quiet and peaceful.

    Have a fabulous day you two. Big hugs. ???

    • Our Christmas was very quiet and relaxing too! Family all live too far away to visit now 🙂

  • So where is the short movie? Did I miss your posting it? I think I like the last photo best…

    • No, I didn’t post it. Didn’t think anyone would want to watch it 🙂

      • Well you would be wrong about that. We DO want to watch it. Please post posthaste.

        • Ha ha! OK, I have now edited the post. It now includes the link to the movie 🙂

  • Mike Davis

    The fibre optic lamp looks like a firework. Thanks for sharing your month with us. Now I’m off to watch that video…

    • I like the fibre optic lamp and enjoyed taking a whole lot of photos of it, while trapped inside by our snow.

  • ReformingGeek

    Ah, what a silly, but cute, kitty, enjoying the fabric.

    I see your snow disappeared!

    Cool lamp and photo. Thanks for posting the link to the movie.

    • Our snow came shortly after I took the photo. Probably why it was so overcast at the time. The sky must have been full of it!

  • These are WONDERFUL! The coke truck picture is fascinating. Of course I LOVE it because Mo and I share a birthday, so technically that was MY birthday too. 🙂 But I have never seen a coke truck all lit up. It looks like the commercials!

    Your Jenny pictures have been so great… from the elf pictures to the “I’m HELPING you!” above. SO SWEET!

    Ham = YUM. I would love to know what she puts on it. Mine never turn out like that.

    With the lights… I love ANYTHING fiber optic or blinky or sparkly!

    And boxing day… you live in such a beautiful place!!!

    • It’s funny that you haven’t seen the truck lit up. Perhaps it’s because it’s touring other countries around Christmas. It looked magnificent and was just like the ad, with the addition of singers, free coke and other festivities.

      Believe it or not, Mo puts absolutely nothing on the ham to cook it. She covers it in tin foil and plops it in the oven.

      We’ve lived here for 14 years and our appreciation for the beauty around here never dims. Yorkshire is a beautiful part of England. Possibly why they have made so many TV series here. You have the coast and we have the countryside 🙂

  • Well done! It looks like a happy Christmas and that ham lis positively mouth-watering so kudos to Mo!
    Happy New Year!

  • Paul Myers

    Loved the fiber optic shot. I did need the explanation as every time I looked at it I thought of fireworks. Nice set of shots.

    • It does look like a firework, I must admit, though I’ve never taken such a beautiful shot of a firework.

  • Jay

    I liked the fibre-optic shot too – took me a while to see what it was! They’re all nice – a little glimpse into your Christmas. Jenny in the fabric made me smile. She looks so regal in red, green and gold, don’t you think?

    • The fibre optic shot would have made a good ‘Guess what this is’ post, wouldn’t it? I should have made a cape for Jenny, out of the material 🙂

  • Lisa

    Love your Christmas shots, but especially love that last landscape shot. Makes me want to just walk into the photo and get lost!

    • Thank you. We never tire of the Yorkshire landscape 🙂

  • GeoKs

    Your selection of photos portray a sense of tranquility with a dash of fun – just right for the season! I am intrigued by the photo of the Coke truck, as we don’t have that here. Perhaps the closest thing to it is a special CP Rail holiday train that crosses the country, with musical performers on board, collection cash and non-perishable food items for many of the food banks across the land.

    • It’s funny, because this isn’t the first time it’s come to the UK. I think it does a tour of Europe. I assume it’s to promote Coke in countries that don’t drink it much. What better way to get to the kids than Santa giving away small cans at Christmas?

  • This was a great selection of images for the theme. Love that coca-cola truck. It looks so festive! And the image of the cat is awesome, too.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s!

    • Thank you P.J. I hope you had a great Christmas too!