Are they making too much profit?

“Here you go” Mo said, as she handed me a package that had just arrived. “It’s addressed to you”

I held my hands out to take the package. Mo let it go and it fell through my hands and landed with a thud, on the table. It weighed a tonne. Well, not really a tonne, but it was the heaviest package I have ever received. Mo laughed, as I tried to retrieve it. I struggled to pick it up, even with two hands and had to lay it back on the table, in order to open it.

The box was very pretty and very hard to open, but we managed to tear the security strip together.

“Whatever can it be?” I asked. It felt a bit like Christmas.

“I can’t imagine” said Mo.

I opened the box and was absolutely amazed at the contents. Two huge, hard backed books, full of beautiful, top quality photos. One of fashion and everything else a person could want and one of home furnishings. Then I saw the catalogue.

The company was ‘Next’.  I had been on their site, while looking for clothes for our wedding. I was getting desperate, so ordered some trousers from them. I kind of knew they wouldn’t be any good but, as I said, I was getting desparate. I sent them straight back when (as I suspected) I saw they were skinny legged trousers. The days of me wearing skin tight trousers are long gone. So this one order, that got returned, warrents them sending me this package?  I may browse the home furnishing book, but I’m not interested in the others. They will all go to the recycling bin and that’s a criminal waste, in my book – pun actually was not intended, but I’ll leave it there.

If a company can afford to produce such expensive books and send out millions of them, in the hopes of netting a few more customers, they are making too much profit, in my opinion.


  • This is truly insane! That happens to me too sometimes. You buy one thing and you’re on a mailing list forever. This reminds me of how we used to receive a five pound phone book directory, even years past the creation of the Internet where you can easily look up phone numbers. We’d see the book in a thin plastic bag lying at the end of the yard. Pick it up and immediately throw it in recycling. Never came into the house. Thankfully they’ve stopped that practice. I’m looking at that “Next” book. Who would even have time to leaf through it? I’m blown away that it’s hardback. Incredible. And stupid!

    • Oh, those phone directories! We used to get three. The main one, the business one and Yellow Pages! They all went into the rubbish, every year. I cannot get over these book though. They are so expensively made.


    Wow .. no kidding! Actually, I bet it was a mistake. They used to charge you quite a lot for their catalogues!

    • Well there was nothing enclosed that even hinted that I had asked for the catalogues. I had better check online, to make sure they haven’t billed me 🙂

  • Ron

    “So this one order, that got returned, warrents them sending me this package?”

    Thank you! Babs, it seems that anytime I order anything online, not only do I get catalogues in the mail, but I get about FIVE emails a day in my inbox. And even when I unsubscribe, I still keep getting them.

    “If a company can afford to produce such expensive books and send out millions of them, in the hopes of netting a few more customers, they are making too much profit, in my opinion.”

    Amen! And do you know what also annoys me? Magazines. If you pick up any magazine, you’ll find that the whole thing is nothing but advertisements. So if you purchase one, you’re literally paying for the advertising.

    X to you and Mo!

    • You are so right, Ron. I had a client that produced estate agents folders and they were full of ads. He sold the advertising space and was able to produce the folders free of charge to the estate agents. A very clever way of doing things. Of course, I got all the artwork too. It was a real money spinner, until he had a wobbly and ran off, leaving his wife – and his work (my work) behind.

  • Shae

    Sometimes I think companies spend a little more on their marketing to appear to be making more than they are. The logic is, who will buy from a company that cant even produce good marketing?

    • That’s very true, but I think this is a little excessive, for the average shopper 😉

  • I get the catalogs and the emails from companies from whom I’ve ordered on-line, but never hard back books. I agree, it is a total waste of money and trees. They go in my recycle bin too!

    • I’ve just received a catalogue from another company today, but the books are a whole different thing. Every time I get these, I think of the trees!

  • We are all being bombarded by sales calls, magazines, newspaper, the internet. You name it they are spending billions trying to get us to buy stuff. I’m sure they have an advertising budget and this place has a nice one.

    Have a fabulous day you two. Big hugs. ???

    • They certainly do have a nice budget. Too nice, in my opinion 🙂

  • ReformingGeek

    I’m sure the photos are awesome but what a waste! It seems like the money could be better spent elsewhere.

    • My thoughts exactly! There are so many worthy causes they could make donations to, but it’s all about making more and more money.

  • WOWWWWWW those are huge and gorgeous! They must have cost a million!!!!!!

    I will never be able to wear skinny pants, tight pants, skinny jeans. I have “Mosblech Legs.” That is one of my family names, and we all have “bountiful legs” to say the least. Around the knees. NOT a skinny jean thing ha ha!

    • Ha ha! Our family trait is bountiful thighs, as we get older. Also not a skinny jean thing.