A sad day for me

Hello to all my blogging friends!

It’s been a long time since I blogged and I’ve finally accepted that I will blog no more. I was forced into this decision when an email reminder arrived informing me that the 3 yearly payment was due on 22nd December. Not a month I need a huge bill to arrive.  I asked myself what I was paying this large sum of money for and it amounted to ‘Nothing really’.

The hosting company were extremely helpful and offered a vastly reduced bill but after accepting that I wasn’t going to blog again any amount of money would be paying for ‘Nothing really’.

So, it’s with a sad heart I say that as from January 6th my blog will be no more. I have made so many friends through blogging and thankfully most of them are still my friends on Facebook, though not all. It was a fun time and part of me misses those days. I wonder if they will ever return.

So it’s goodbye from me and goodbye from Mo. Keep laughing!


  • I will just have to keep on doing FB!

  • Me

    You could always just move on to a free blogging site ya know, import what you can, just in case you ever want to get back into it again..Ya know…

    • I could but I really don’t think I will blog again. Having lost my blog twice and restarted it, I don’t think I could face it all again. But who knows? Maybe one day I might do something again.

  • I know it’s a sad day for you and I fear I’ll find myself in the same boat eventually. I keep paying my hosting service and domain, but for what? That said, I’m delighted that blogging is what brought us together so many years ago and Dave and my friendship with you and Mo is one of the great gifts of my life. So Beetle’s Humour might be having its sunset, but our friendship lives on and how happy I am about that!

    • Oh Kathy! I still remember that yours was the first blog I plucked up enough courage to comment on and I still remember the post that made me chuckle. You leaning out of the car window and dribbling ice cream all over your fathers car! We did have some great blogging days but all good things have their ending so we have to move on with no regrets. Mo and I are also thrilled to have you and Dave as our friends and remember our meeting up for the first time. Then of course at our wedding which was the best! We now wait patiently for the next time we see you both 🙂

  • I’m so sorry to read this, and yet I too wonder how much longer I’ll pay for hosting. So glad we are Facebook friends and I can keep up with you and Mo there.

    • Yes. Thankfully most of us are Facebook friends so it’s not so bad. I usually rad through daily, even if I don’t always comment 🙂

  • FerdC

    Sorry to hear it, Babs, but I sure do understand. The golden days of blogging disappeared when Facebook came on the scene.
    See you on Facebook!