Why Beetle?

‘Beetle’ was the pet name my mum gave to me when I was little.  It seemed a nice touch, when I started blogging, to use Beetle as the name of my blog.  Mum would have smiled at that :O)


If you really want to know about me, I guess this is a good a way of finding out quite a bit.  This is a list of completely unrelated facts about me.

1. I come from a very large, and somewhat colourful family.  Our family history could not be mistaken for ‘ordinary’ by any stretch of the imagination.  I grew up with an acceptance of differences that maybe I wouldn’t have, if our family had been more ’so-called’ ordinary.

2. Everything I do, by way of hobbies, is totally self-taught.  Playing the guitar, drawing, painting, photography etc.  I never read books, or go to classes.  I may well get the same results, through experimenting, but it no doubt takes me much longer than it would if I’d had lessons.  I feel that if I’m taught, I miss out on the experimental journey, which is half the fun for me.

3. I have never used facial creams in my life.  Not anti-wrinkle, or moisturizer, or any other cream.  Other than soap and water, and the odd face mask when I was a spotty teenager, my face has been totally beauty product free!  Some might say it shows.

4. I am not very tolerant of people who, every time you see them and say “Hi, how are you?”, sigh and proceed to list all of their ailments and problems.  Once, or even twice, is reasonably acceptable, but if that’s all I ever get, I will usually say something positive in an attempt to stop them.  If that doesn’t work, I will stop saying “How are you?” replace it with “Hi” and move on.  There are far too many people in this world with real problems.

5. I am a very optimistic person.  Life has taught me that most things work out for the good long term, and no amount of worrying will change the outcome.  You may as well go through whatever it is with a light heart.  If you worry that something might happen, and it doesn’t, you’ve just wasted part of your life in an unpleasant state for no reason.

6. There are many things in this world that I feel deeply about.  All of them are caused by man’s greed, and most end up with man’s inhumanity to either man or animals.  The worst thing is that man never learns from the past, he just repeats the same atrocities using a different label.

7. I love animals, and have always wanted a tiny little elephant of about 3 inches high.  One that I can hold in my hand and play with.  I know, I’m weird.

8. When I was young I was painfully shy and would never speak to people I didn’t know.  Once I matured, and learned my true value, I no longer worried about what judgment I came under from strangers.  I find that most people are just waiting for someone else to show a friendly gesture.

9. I am only 5’1″ and I have always wished I could have been taller.  Being short has definitely been a drawback in life, especially in business.  I was once told by a client that he was generous to have given me the opportunity to gain his account, for two reasons.  One that I was a female and the second was because I was short. Can you believe that?  He said that most other people wouldn’t have even given me the chance to try for it, let alone given me the account.  I went up against several other designers – all male, and all taller than me, and I won it through my work, not my height! I didn’t only win that account, I held on to it for 21 years!

10. I love to make people laugh.  Either by being funny or being teased.  It’s as if somehow I encourage people to laugh at me and tease me.  Everywhere I go people tend to do that, in the most loving way, of course, and I don’t mind at all.  In another life I might like to have been a comedienne.   I would so love to be able to write good humour!

So, now you know me pretty well.